Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pink Lake

Hello and welcome to my first post of 2015. I had planned on doing a round up of what 2014 meant to me but in all honesty I've needed this short break from the blog to clear my head after a pretty eventful and intense year. But now I'm back and pinker than ever thanks to the Westgate Park natural salt water lake that turns bright pink in summer. As pretty as it looks I don't recommend bringing a picnic to eat around it as we had planned because it smells like egg farts which isn't exactly appetising. Speaking of eggs how amazing is my pink bubble dress by Brisbane designer Soot with it's prehistoric egg like shapes dotted around? I bought it when I visited the designer Edwina Sinclair in her studio in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley when I was in town for the opening night of Future Beauty at GOMA and have been waiting for the perfect location to pop up to shoot it in. The pink lake was kinda the perfect place to shoot this very unusual piece don't you think? So amazing to have come across this little known part of Melbourne.

Outfit details
Pink bubble dress Soot
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato
Pink pom pom earrings Poms
Iridescent bag Maude Studio
Pink heart musk bangle Save Yourself Shop
Pink platforms Windsor Smith

These pink coke cans were just made for me. I just wish Coke Zero had these cute colours available too cos I don't actually drink full fat coke. I had a sip and it just tasted like icing sugar! FYI Coke didn't send me this or pay me or anything it's just a cute can and obviously their marketing team are great because here I am advertising coke for free just cos of a pink can #smartmarketers!

OMG this bag you guys, how amazing is it? Made by local Melbourne label Maude Studio I just love how much is sparkles. It reminds me of an old Barbie doll dress of mine from when I was a kid. The love heart shaped musk stick bangle is hand made in Melbourne by a man in his 80's called Alan. I love that it looks like one of my favourite childhood lollies - musk sticks. It's part of a set of three bangles stocked at Save Yourself Shop.

Iridescent bag Maude Studio
Pink heart musk bangle Save Yourself Shop

I've recently discovered SNS manicures - these are my natural nails dipped in an organic acrylic powder that sets hard and lasts even longer than my usual shellac.

 photo Pinklake06_zpsu3xixbp7.jpg
I bought these super kawaii platforms at the South Wharf Windsor Smith outlet for $30, can't go wrong with that!

Pink platforms Windsor Smith


  1. omg! i love everything in your outfit! include nails <3

  2. Sooo happy to have you back, you are always so inspiring to me and I adore your blog and everything about you :D


  3. I don't have enough words to express my love for this and all the many shades of pink!!!!

    I'm purely smitten!


  4. Wow unbelievable! I love your pictures in every post! The water is just amazing and Im loving your entire outfit!

  5. love the location for this outfit post hayley- plus your soot the label dress and sparkly pink nails <3

  6. I can not believe how pink that lake is oh my goodness! it looks like something that would only exist with photoshop. Ah the natural world is so majestic.

  7. Just found your blog through a tweet, that dress is all that! I want it so bad, so cute.

  8. So much pink, which, in my books = AMAZING! I didn't know about the pink lake, it looks pretty, but the smell does not sound appealing at all! Love the bag!

  9. Speechless....
    This couldn't be more perfect.

  10. A pink lake!? I need to see this lake, how amazing!

    PS. Pink does make the boys wink and all..! ;)



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