Friday, October 11, 2013

DI$COUNT POP UP @ Alice Euphemia

 Last night was the epic launch of the DI$COUNT x Alice Euphemia POP UP SHOP which runs until the 19th of October at the iconic Melbourne boutique. So called DI$COUNT Disciples were all in attendance decked out in the labels threads (myself included) which made for a very colourful crowd. DI$COUNT has been worn by the likes of M.I.A., Iggy Azalea, Britney Spears and most recently Miley Cyrus in that much talked about recent shoot with Terry Richardson - which is all so amazing for a local Melbourne independent label but you can see why they have so many loyal fans around the world - their designs are out of this world!

 Pieces from DI$COUNT's latest collection are all available to purchase at the pop up shop, including this amazing iridescent biker jacket.

 Lolly bags for guests was a sweet touch.

 Amazing tights and shoes combo!

 The always colourful youtube beauty vlogger Sarah from All Dolled Up looking amazing in her DI$COUNT pieces.

 Sarah's actually working on opening up her own online store selling customised wigs like the amazing rainbow one she is wearing here. So much amazing!

 RAINBOW love.

 Showing some other local labels love here is an amazing Nixi Killick beanie.

 Yes, that's the Miley Cyrys x Terry Richardson shoot that DI$COUNT just happened to feature in - pretty major!

 Smiley vajayjay


 The notoriously photo shy Nadia, one half of DI$COUNT.

Amazing dj and blogger Larrie who always looks amazing.

 The upstairs section was off limits for the launch but I got to take some sneaky pics of the merch on display ready for everyone to go crazy the next day.

 So much biker goodness.

 You can pre-order that infamous DI$COUNT DISCIPLES tee that was worn by Miley Cyrus

 Slip n slides

 Sequin love



So much colour, loves it.

The DI$COUNT x Alice Euphemia POP UP SHOP is on until the 19th of October
@ Alice Euphemia Shop 6, Cathedral Arcade/37 Swanston St Melbourne


  1. thank you thank you thank you for taking photos of the melbourne fashion scene! a sight sore jaded Sydney eyes <3

  2. Thanks Hayley for sharing your really cool and unique viewpoint. I went to Melbourne recently and it was so much more fun having read your blog since I recognised certain stores and places. Knowing places I'd like to see/shop made the whole trip more inspiring. Bet you didn't think you had a readership of engineers. Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh my goodness, look at all that sparkle. Must be painstaking work to put together.
    What is your favourite piece?

  4. I am in love with the black sheer dress/ top with the skeleton on it ( I think 11 pics down).

    Do you know where I can get it?


  5. I am in love with this brand! Hope they come to the states soon.

  6. Jesus! I love this shop! I feel like such a bore recently - with all the unexpected expenses didn't go shopping for ages. Hayley, do they sell online? What about the price range? xx
    ps. Thanks for this post - it made me smile :))

  7. Oh they do such a great job! Love the smiley "vajayjay" - something Miley would probably go gaga over haha


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