Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pink Lady

This is what I wore to the DI$COUNT x Alice Euphemia pop up shop launch last Thursday, representing the brand with my fave DI$COUNT tee mixing it in with my style. Y'all know by now that I LOVE pink so I couldn't resist this ASOS peplum hem skirt in the brightest neon pink I have ever seen. I waited a bit too long to make the purchase though so it was all sold out in my usual size but I was determined not to miss out so I ordered it in the size below and while it isn't a perfect fit it's pretty close and I just love the colour and shape.

Outfit Details
Sequin bones tee DI$COUNT
Biker jacket Vintage Sole
Pink peplum hem skirt ASOS
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato from Pet Shop Girls
Squid earrings CapnMueller
Cat necklace Illuminati jewellery from Lady Petrova
Pink chain bracelet House of Baulch studio sale
Neon pink socks Fashiondacci
Sarcasm badge Fashiondacci
White flatforms Jeffrey Campbell Mayview from Zomp
White backpack Sportsgirl

My friend Claire from the Harbour Master blog sent me these awesome specially made bright pink squid earrings from her label CapnMueller. Knowing that I don't have my ears pierced she specially made me a pair of clip-ons and I love them. She actually sent me these ages ago and I've been wearing them heaps but this is only their very first outing on my blog, I generally wear them to night time events which aren't the best lighting wise for outfit photos but I finally got my arse into gear and recreated a night time look (this one) and shot it in daylight so y'all could see the cool as squids!

Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato from Pet Shop Girls
Squid earrings CapnMueller
Cat necklace Illuminati jewellery from Lady Petrova
Sarcasm badge Fashiondacci

Patented Fashion Hayley grumpy face. I just have resting bitch face - in my head I thought I was really smiling - no seriously.

I've been crushing on the pieces in Illuminati Jewellery's debut collection for ages now and was so happy when Henry surprised me with the cat necklace a while back.

This backpack is all kinds of awesome but I have had to return it once already for the clasp breaking so I'm not sure how much longer it will last. I've wanted a white backpack for ages so when I saw this in store it was a no-brainer purchase. I'm sure it's a copy of some famous designer bag I'm unaware of (maybe The Row or A Wang? I'm sure y'all tell me in the comments anyway) but for $35 it fit my brief and I've been wearing it constantly ever since.

White backpack Sportsgirl
Pink fluffy faux fur tail Ebay

These shoes may not be everyone's cup of tea (hi Skye) but I do love them and their Reef Sandal uglyness ever so much. I mean didn't y'all see Prada's recent gem covered sandals Susie Bubble instagram'd?

Neon pink socks Fashiondacci
White flatforms Jeffrey Campbell Mayview from Zomp

It's come to my attention that I've written y'all a total of 5 times this post - which really is 5 times too many. Sorry bout that, I've just been missing my Southern belle of a bestie who is Memphis born and raised but lived in Tokyo for the past 7 years. I was meant to be seeing her soon as I'm off to Tokyo in a week for a month, but she's had to move back home suddenly and I don't know when I'll see her again so I'm rather sad. Tokyo isn't going to be the same without her and her conversations peppered in y'alls with her adorable southern drawl.

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  1. such cute skirt and earrings, love the outfit!!

  2. Those earrings are amazing. A-MA-ZING. I love the whole ensemble! Shocking pink is such a fun color :)

  3. omg this is so amazing! you always make bright colors look good! and you have the coolest accessories ever!‎

  4. If you visit the Nagasaki area and want a tour guide that doesn't know much about the area, let me know! I live in Sasebo. XD
    That pin and necklace are amazing and that whole outfit is awesome!

  5. I love this outfit! I'm pretty sure I need that shirt and necklace in my wardrobe~ ^-^

  6. You always look fantastic!!!



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