Tuesday, February 12, 2013


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As I've mentioned in my last few blog posts I've been in Melbourne helping my family with things for the past few weeks. Those things mainly were the fixing up and preparing for sale my deceased grandparents house, which needed a fair amount of work. Amongst this was an unexpected trip to Tasmania with my mum who has found her dream home on the Apple Isle. I'd never been to Tassie before but my mum has fallen in love with the scenery and lifestyle, and after a few hard years looking after her sick parents she really deserves this chance. As a landscape artist Tasmania is the perfect studio for my mum to work from and if it all goes through as planned the house she has found is in the most beautiful spot just an hours drive or so from Hobart. Of course being in Hobart I relished the chance to visit MONA, Hobart's new and now iconic Museum of Old and New Art.

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As we were in Tasmania to meet with real estate agents and staying at old B&B's I tried to tone down my look a little, although looking at these photos I think I just ended up looking like a petulant teenager.

Outfit details
Leather look peplum top River Island via ASOS
Bandana print pencil skirt ASOS
Cropped leather biker jacket Vintage Sole in Fitzroy $155

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MONA is set in a stunning valley close to Hobart. I was surprised by just how much forest surrounds Hobart, Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, if you can you really must go!

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My mother obviously likes this angle on me.

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Sunglasses Red glitter Miu Miu sunglasses from Vision Direct
Lobster tail choker by OS Accessories from ESTATEofMIND in Surry Hills
Mickey Mouse bangle by +ADEEN NYC from ESTATEofMIND in Surry Hills

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 photo Mona10_zps63581c9e.jpg

 photo MONA09_zps3738d1ba.jpg

As this was an unexpected trip to Tassie I hadn't packed walking boots so picked these black ones up at Kmart for $10 for the trip. They came in handy when we accidentally booked a forest lodge for our first nights accommodation (as you do). More photos from the trip to come.

Black ankle boots Kmart $10
Black lace frill socks $3 cheapies from a local store

 photo MONA12_zpsb6202995.jpg
The beautiful carved sandstone forms the backdrop to 'bit.fall' by Julius Popp, where water falls in the form of the most popular words in google news.

 photo MONA11_zpsa04508c6.jpg
One of Jack and Dinos Chapman infamous hell sculptures. Not so shocking to someone whose high school had a classroom with a mural of hell, decapitated bloody heads and all. Mind you it wasn't a religious school at all, the mural was meant to represent what school felt like for most of us, hell (or at least that is what we assumed). My school even had a star wars mural, my school was weird guys...which may explain why I am the way I am?


  1. I need your skirt and pendant, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You are such an inspiration, my dear Hayley.

  2. I really truly proper love this outfit. You look awesome!

    Also: that water/sandstone/wall thing is the best ever. WOW.


  3. You look great.
    But eeeks those mannequins :D
    x, Lara

  4. Haha, I just had to tone down my outfit too because I had a few job interviews. It's so difficult. I think you still look special and of course good, but I prefer you colourful and not toned down at all. The necklace you wear is very cool and the museum sounds like a perfect place. I hope your mum will be very happy at her new place. :-) xx

  5. Love those Kmart boots! Such a bargain!!

  6. loving this outfit especially the black leather peplum, bracelet and necklace!

  7. How lovely to mix family time and a trip to Mona. I'm sure your Mum is super proud of you.
    Love the chocker.

  8. I used to live in Hobart a long, long time ago. It's a shit place to live if you want a career job but awesome for artists etc. There is such a thriving artist community (I went to the art school on the docks for 2 years) plus is so much cheaper to live. Oh and really freaken good restuarant too. I was sooo disappointed when I moved to Melbs and went to the "famous" Lygon St - shitty generic pasta compared to Tassie. I bet your mum loves living there.

  9. Lovely photos, i like your outfit and the necklace too..:)
    Mens Fashion Online

  10. I love the peplum and pencil skirt look on you! And that necklace is amaze.



  11. I LOVE your skirt...I'm a petulant adult so it's just my style. Sadly ASOS don't have my size...so I might grab the geo print one instead.

  12. Hey. I love the skirt so much I'm gonna buy it.

    PS I came here via the story on Daily Life today


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