Friday, October 12, 2012

Swan Song

Before leaving the house Henry reassured me that these sunglasses I had lying around did in fact suit me. Well after seeing these photos I disagree with him 100%, they look ghastly on me. But I do love this new swan and skull print dress I ordered from Dorothy Perkins in the UK. I love digital mirror'd prints and it was on sale, with shipping I think it came to $40 or so, total bargain. I ordered it a few sizes too big it seems but belting it has helped give it some shape.

Outfit Detials
Dress Dorothy Perkins  (now sold out in my cut, different cut same print is still available)
Leggings Gisela Ramirez

PhotobucketBlack jelly heels MrShoes juju babe heels


  1. i love the sunglasses actually!!! looks cool!!!

  2. I love those sunglasses...they really suit you. Henry is right!

  3. I love the dress: the print, the shape, the shade, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so perfect.
    Perphaps you are used to see yourself with other glasses, but changes are always for the better, so I agree with Henry.
    More posts pleasesssssssssss.

  4. I love that dress! I'd been eyeing it for ages and was sooo close to buying it in the sale! It looks great on you!

  5. Dress and shoes: Lovely! And the jellies... I think we do share an addiction for jelly shoes :-D I barley don't wear other shoes expect all kind of Melissa and other jelly shoes. They are just the best! I don't know anyone expect the two of us with a very big love for this kind of shoes. I often hear from people that they think jelly is just ok for the beach and can't understand: They are shiny and girly, what else could be cool? ;-)

    I must agree with you about the glasses: I don't think they are ugly as you do but they don't beat your Karen Walker glasses for sure! I think it's the colour of the frame disturbing me together with your beautiful bright hair. Maybe pared with a strong lipstick and something on the head they might look lovely. The shape of them suits you.

    Wishing you a wonderful day, fashion fairy!

    Love, Sara

  6. I am loving tights right now.

  7. I think you look fabulous in those sunnies - I'm on Henry's side...

  8. obsessed with your blog. it's so edgy and different. followed on bloglovin'


  9. No WAY, the glasses look amaze! That is such a gorgeous print. x


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