Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eye on Harajuku

I popped down to Melbourne for the weekend to visit my sister and see her new apartment, which just so happens to be right on the beautiful Yarra River. I still miss Melbourne daily, my old Collins Street apartment (right in the heart of the city), my friends and especially my family. I guess that's why I jump at any chance to head home even for a small amount of time, it still feels like home, and always will. I'm headed back very soon for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week which I'm really looking forward to, can't wait to see everyone again. Only in Melbourne do I ever feel 100% comfortable in my 'crazy' Harajuku inspired style, so I always go all out when I'm in town, I have total fashion freedom down there.

Outfit Details
Vintage Biker Jacket Red Cross Three 5 Nine King opshop in Newtown for only $30
Blouse A.D. by An Ode to No One for Sportsgirl on sale for $30
Maxi Skirt My Size
Black Patent Creeper Shoes Sunday Chaos from Shooii
Lace Frill Socks ASOS
Sunnies Karen Walker Super Dupers

This was the day after I got my AMAZING Clara H Nails, they look so amazing with my outfit don't you think? Have you checked out the special Fashion Hayley Deal in this post so you too can get some Harajuku  inspired Japanese nail art?

Eyeball Necklace Paris Kids Harajuku for Y315
I <3 Spank! Badge Spank in Koenji gift from designer
Bangle Elke Kramer
Eye Belt ASOS
Crystal Ring Corky Saint Clair
Eye Ring Glebe Market


  1. HOLY Wow I love your nails Hayley!!!

  2. OMG this whole outfit is so amazing! Your nails are nuts!

  3. Wow!! Those nails are rad! Is the eye around your waist a belt?

  4. I LOVE EVERYTHING!! Please can i have your wardrobe please. And your nails.

  5. Stunning as always - your shirt and those nails are killer!

  6. love the colors in that blouse and your nails are so cute the bulging eyes are very creative

  7. Oh Hayley you are one of my biggest style heroines!

    I love your nails and wish I could visit Clara as well for having mine done. I was browsing for a nail artist like this close to me as well but couldn't find one. Your obsession for eyeballs is a cool thing! I have the belt too, but no such a beautiful blouse as you to match it.

    Lovely greetings, Sara


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