Monday, March 5, 2012

Clothes like a f*cking dickhead

The title of this post references a scene in Henry's favourite tv show, Eastbound & Down, that he made me watch the other day. The scene in question features at the bottom of this blog post, but basically it was Henry's not very subtle dig at the way I've been dressing recently. Its only a playful gibe of course and I too found the scene freaking hilarious. But yes, I tend to agree with Henry, I have clothes like a f*cking dickhead, but that's the way I like it. I don't know what Henry expects, I mean look what I wore to our wedding (and he wasn't all too conservative back then either).

NEVER GOING TO CHANGE!!! Harajuku babe forever. Poor old Henry hey? Also just remembered its our five year wedding anniversary soon, eeep! You can see more of our kawaii Harajuku wedding photos here.

Joking aside this is what I wore to the Penthouse Mouse opening night on Friday, and as you saw I wasn't even the biggest dickhead there. (I mean that in the nicest possible way, like as in dickhead means totally amazing cray cray fash babe). Sadly my pink hair is nearly all washed out, I need to find a permanent pink dye asap!

Outfit Details
Shirt Vintage Versace from Surry Hills Market $10
Studded vest Vintage from Perth Fashion Week's Vintage Caravan market
Pleated black maxi skirt My Size
Sunglasses Karen Walker from eyegoodies
Necklace Black resin flower necklace by Make Believe
Platform sneakers ASOS

What a dickhead!!!


  1. Loving this outfit! That vest is amazing.

  2. I love the glasses and the studded vest looks great too! xox

  3. love the versace so much! and your pink hair~
    omg kawaii wedding! ahh tavuchi!!

  4. Haha! That scene is HILARIOUS. You look so awesome by the way!!

  5. wow your glasses are amazing!!!!!

  6. haha I love that show! That episode is good.

    Love the gold and black overtones of this look babe.
    Loving the hint of pink in your hair too :)

    Happy 5th anniversary!


  7. Your glasses are so beautiful :) // Jewellery

  8. That necklace is a true inspiration.

  9. I used to dress like the biggest dickhead (in a good way lol) but I lost my ballz for it, what happened? I still buy batshit crazy clothes/shoes etc I just don't wear them anymore, this must be remedied, bahhhh I'm 30 soon, woe.

    I do love your ensemble :)

  10. I love the really cool prints and sunnies :) Beautiful

    Dasha Gold

    I have got amazing comp. on my page, you can win 2 tickets to Bali! I wish I could take part in this myself

  11. Hi Hayley.
    So, why don't you make my head explode with your fucking awesome, I wish I was that cool style?
    Seriously. I wish I was that cool.
    Em. x.

  12. Holy shit! Kenny powers is a bad motherfucker.


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