Saturday, October 8, 2011

A skirt to dye for

Its Buy Nothing New Month and in honour of the month I finally completed a craft project that's been on my to do list for a couple of months. I bought the above turquoise button down skirt at my favourite Sydney op shop, Summer Hill Anglicare, for a whopping $1.60. I was never too into the colour and as such I never wore it in its blue incarnation. Knowing I had some left over black fabric dye from an old project from years ago (remember this old post? I still wear that dress) I decided to give the skirt new life in my wardrobe by taking the plunge (the skirt literally into a hot dye bath) and changing the colour to a more wearable black. Below is the result. I just followed the instructions on my fabric dye pack (I used Dylon dye) which was very easy but still the process is a bit too messy to photograph so sorry about the lack of process shots.

The skirt went a bit more of a grey tone which I'm actually pretty happy about and I was expecting it anyway seeing as that's what happened last time I used fabric dye. I guess you have to be pretty flexible on the final result when using fabric dye as it is hard to know what exact colour you will end up with as it depends on the colour of the original item, the fabric and how long you soak the item for. I love that I gave an unwanted skirt new life instead of contributing to landfill and as a bonus I now have an awesome grey skirt to wear.

Outfit Details
Stripe t-shirt Antipodium for Sportsgirl tee that was a surprise gift from the people at Sportsgirl
Skirt Summer Hill Anglicare op shop $1.60 and dyed with dye I had on hand
Necklace Man The Label gift
Belt Random belt that came with a skirt
Sandals Melissa Aranha flock jelly sandals $65 from Monk House Design
Bag DI$COUNT Tote bag gift
Bangle Elke Kramer gift
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair.

My perfect summer sandal I picked up in Melbourne. So comfortable and as a bonus 100% vegan too as all Melissa shoes are.


  1. Love it! This is very you, true Fashion Hayley. I love the color scheme and the DIY skirt. Cool!

  2. i love it! i really like how the dye also made it look textured. it shows all the details of the threads... super chic. the soft black color looks great on you.

    sarah rose

  3. yayyyyyy!!!!!! LOVE that you're wearing the DI$COUNT tote!! hawt! xxx

  4. Great idea! You just reminded me I've got a heap of old clothes I need to dye due to wine/curry stains...

  5. Love the skirt, but your red lipstick looks AHMAZING! You look incredible.

  6. I wish the DI$COUNT totes were available to buy! I want one!

    I love Melissa shoes, they are so comfy! I only own one pair that I picked up at an op-shop for $3! But I hope to invest in another pair in the future.

  7. This is probably my favourite outfit of yours to date! I love the pairing of the tee and the length of the skirt is perfect (great 'dye'-ing too by the way)!

    I am loving those necklaces by Man The Label and the red is the perfect little touch of colour.


  8. I love the outfit and I am totally obsessed with Melissa shoes!


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