Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tie Dye

My new creation. (My hair is greasy because I woke up very very late for uni and had no time to wash it...never again will I do this because I felt gross all day even though I had had a shower without washing my hair it makes me feel dirty)

So I covered up my hair with my sequin beret from Portmans bargain basement in Bourke Street for $3. Notice my fringe is off my face? That's because I desperately need a fringe trim, I can't see any more!!!

Here I am with my parka. It looked better in person maybe but we are still just getting used to my new camera.

My tie dying skillllz. Pretty cool hey? Henry wants me to do him a few t-shirts.

I have wanted to do this project for ages. A few months ago Henry got me this white dress at Dimmeys for $7 but I couldn't wear it because it was too see through. So I finally went and got some black fabric dye and rubber bands and set to work tie dying the dress. What do you think? Its not very black and I'm not sure why, I think I didn't have it in the dye bath for long enough. Other than that I'm sooo happy with the result.

I am also wearing another new pair of shoes. I seriously need to stop buying shoes, I have no room for any more. These gold plim soles (or chicken shop shoes) were only $7.94 at BigW. They get complements EVERY DAY that I have worn them. I guess they are cute.

Also I re-discovered an old Ne-net bag I have from Japan. It was meant to be $100 or 10,000Yen but I got it FREE when I bought my dress as a special 1 day only promotion (apparently...this is what I understood with minimal Japanese and English so who knows, maybe its always fee?) I've been using it as my uni bag because its so big and light. The writing on the front means "boring boy", which was the collection name/inspiration for summer 2007. Thats the collection that I went to the run way parade favourite collection of theirs of course. Thats why I can't get into runway photos...I need to feel connected to it by actually seeing it in person rather than photos..Well sometimes... Maybe I just like the theatre of a show?


  1. oi man that's a dope tote bag... I'm a sucker for tote bags, I'm over using my bernhard willhelm one...
    I'm not so much into tie dye but it looks good!!

  2. job with the tie-dye and gold 'chicken shop' plimsoles that's a two thumbs up from me.

    btw - I love that sh#t-hole shop in Footscray!!!

  3. hey, nice work! my fringe gets oily in the mornings too. Thats the one thing I hate about fringes.

  4. I've just come back form a holiday in Japan. Such fun fashion over there. love the shoes!


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