Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in my Styling Kit

We have all seen those "what's in my bag" posts around the place and I thought it might be interesting to share with you something a bit different, what exactly goes into my styling kit. If your not sure what a styling kit is, basically its a tool kit of useful items a stylist brings with them to a shoot. Every stylist is different, but essentially most kits will contain at least double sided tape, bull dog clips and scissors. I'm going to show you what I bring with me on set.

Organised chaos. I am looking for a better box with more compartments that is ideally on wheels, but for now this red metal box will do. I bought it at Arthur Daley's in Melbourne for about $25.

From Left to Right:
Sewing kit: I have a set of sewing needles and threads in different colours as well as a few other bits and bobs like extra buttons and an unpicker just in case.
Bobby pins: I find these are the most requested item on shoots, someone always needs just one more, so I have these on hand in both dark and light colours for those moments.
Zip lock plastic bags: These come in handy for so many reasons. I use them to hold shop tags as we remove them from clothes so as not to misplace any, I use them to keep models jewellery together so as not to loose pieces, I use them to store things inside my kit. Basically I use them a lot.
Black Markers: Great for labelling things as we go.
Lint roller: I prefer these sticky lint rollers to the more traditional ones as I find these remove more hair and lint and do it faster too!
Ball of rubber bands: Great for adjusting belts, necklaces, clothing. Also good for grouping things together.
Shoulder Pads: For those times when the shoulder needs that oomph.
Double Sided tape: For those times when you need something to sit just so, or to protect modesty when required.
Black Electrical tape: Shoes need to be taped on the bottom of the sole to protect the shoes from wear and tear.
Hollywood no shows: aka nipple concealers. For modesty.
Scissors: Pretty self explanatory really. 
Safety pins: Useful for adjusting clothing and jewellery and also for "punking" up a look. 
Bulldog clips: Again for adjusting clothing and jewellery to fit. I like to bring a variety of sizes.
Fragrance free wipes: Not only useful for models to remove their make-up but also good for keeping things clean on set.
More shoulder pads: A different style to the other pair, these are more sharp.
Black crop top: I like to use this under see through garments as I like the line it gives.
Black bike shorts: by Voodoo Hosiery, always handy to have on set to add the something extra to a look.

So that's what goes into my styling kit. Some of this might be a bit "no shit, Sherlock" but hopefully this post gives you some insight into the job. xoxo


  1. this was a wonderful post! :) I'm putting together my VM kit at the moment as one of my tasks for school so different but similar at the same time!

  2. Loved this! It's kind of like Design Sponge's in my tool box series.

    I love permanent markers. A lot.

  3. Great post - its interesting to see what is in a styling kit. I have my own mini kit that I carry around in my handbag.

  4. I never brought shoulder pads with me, I really like the idea behind your kit, you've given me some great ideas, thank you! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Amazing!!! I think every wanna-be stylist needs to see this. Binder clips are my absolute MUST HAVE when I'm styling shoots. They're endlessly necessary.

  6. This is definitely different... and interesting! I've only recently heard about all the clipping and pinning that happens at shoots- would have never guessed!! Maybe one day if I ever start my label, I'll have my own kit, hahaha.

  7. This was an interesting twist on the usual 'what's in my bag' post, and really informative!

  8. This is brilliant. Definitely bookmarking this for if I ever get another styling job as I brought hardly anything on my 1st go. This is why you're a super duper professional!

    Lauren xx

  9. Nice post! I've always been curious about how stylists work on the job, thanks for sharing what's in your kit.


  11. really cool!
    i have some stylist friends, i wonder what they take to work with them, hmm...

  12. Dear FashionHayley!

    May I suggest using clear contact instead of black electrical tape for taping up shoes - as the sticky is less harsh and it's clear!! So it doesn't look obvious (it does, however, make them more slippery, but a strip of double sided tape often works a treat!!)

    Awesome that you've put this as a list! Supersimilar to my list <3


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