Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mellow Yellow


Living in Sydney has meant that my Winter wardrobe has been put away much sooner than it would have been in Melbourne. I'm starting to have to re-work my Summer wardrobe to make it seem more interesting and different to me and those around me. So I'm all about layering up pieces (while it's still a reasonably mild 20 degrees) to give my wardrobe more "depth".

Outfit details:
Yellow Dress: Gorman on sale for $100.
Black holey top: Evil Twin, gift from the designer.
Belt: Vintage $10
Necklace: Make Believe, gift from the designer.
Bag: Gift from my mum.
Black plastic jelly sandals: Topshop in NYC for $10.
Bangle: Elke Kramer, gift from Henry.


  1. I LOVE how all the black matches over the one yellow piece!

    Hope you're loving sydney!

  2. love this. never new sunshine yellow could look so bad ass : ) x

  3. really beautiful outfit! but i think, it would look even better without that necklace :)
    hope you're having great time in sydney! ^^

  4. lucky sydney bum! haha the weather is ridiculous in Melbourne :|

  5. i love that evil twin top!! i've been considering buying the same one.

  6. Yellow is such a fantastic spring-time colour. I have to say, as much as I love Melbourne and winter layers I am very excited about Spring slowly emerging.

  7. I absolutely love the way you put things together! You look amazing xx

  8. Hey Hayley,

    Great to meet you yesterday, albeit v briefly! Loving the layers, I'm from Melbourne too, I think layering is second nature to us!

  9. so cute H. Syd looks so pretty in the background xo

  10. I love your necklace! Absolutely fab outfit.


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