Friday, July 2, 2010

Win Dirtyrich + Purple Rain

I have been really feeling the colour purple recently. Everything I have been wearing has had splashes of purple, and this outfit is no exception. These tights were sent to me from the nice people at We Love Colors and I have been practically living in them since. These are the Nylon/Lycra Microfibre tights in Amethyst and there is just one word to describe them, incredible! For me most tights die within 1 or 2 wears thanks to ladders or piling, but these have survived a good month or so and quite a few all night benders in between. Good news is for Australian and New Zealanders there is free shipping on all orders over $30 until August 31st if you use the code WELOVENZAUS at the checkout.

You may notice my new clogs. I got them at Rubi Shoes for only $39.95, and I was so excited to finally find some clogs in my size as I've been looking forever.

My turban was fashioned from this amazing digital print silk scarf werok sent me from their soon to be released new collection. As you know I love love love fringing, so when I create the turban I leave a few pieces of it hanging out the top knot to make for a very original turban if I do say so myself.

Here I am in my new favourite leggings, that We Love Colors also sent me. These are the Splash plus size footless tights in #7205. Every time I wear them with my Drown necklace people ask me how I got my necklace to match my tights so well, haha, really is just a happy coincidence. My dress is one I bought on my recent Tokyo trip. It was love at first glance at its mix of sheer and shiny panels.

One of my new favourite outfits as it mixes in fringing, purple and sheer with a bit of tongue in cheek humour all in the one look. The sheer blouse is from Dirtyrich, a fabulous new Australian based online store which specialises in selling underground American labels with a ghetto fabulous edge. What you can't exactly tell in this photo is there are two pleather hands covering the breasts. Normally I would wear this with a bra, but for the photo I wanted to try to showcase the hands, which didn't work but you get the gist. The fringed skirt is from City Chic and my new shoes are....fucking incredible!

As soon as I saw these Tsumori Chisato wedges on the Opening Ceremony website I knew they must be mine. At $650 AUS (incl postage) they didn't exactly come cheap, but once every so often you have to live a little don't you think? Not exactly practical, these are the sorts of shoes that require forward thinking and planning for every short walk/step you must take. I call them my taxi and dinner shoes. Never the less they will be coming to New York with me next week, because if there was ever a city to wear ridiculous shoes, New York is your man.

A "sexy shot". I don't do sexy, I do confused.


Now you can WIN yourself a $80 gift card to the Dirtyrich store, which you should check out, so many cool things in there for under $100 which is so rare these days! All you have to do is comment on this post and explain what you would do if you found yourself suddenly dirty rich (we are talking major millions here). The best most creative answer will win. Competition closes Friday the 16th of July at 5pm. Competition open to residents of Australia and New Zealand only.

Good luck xxx
Dirtyrich is holding a POP UP store this weekend in Sydney on Saturday July 3rd at Freshin Store 17A Langley Street Darlinghust from 11am.


  1. If I was dirt rich, I'd hire a hitman to kill off ppl who give me the shits. Then I'd prolly get a huge case of guilt and end up giving the rest of the money to the poor or something to make up for it.

  2. Not entering the comp, just wanted to say the tassle skirt looks fab on you! And those wedges - swoon.

  3. If I was major rich I would use the monies on my transformation into a supercyborg. Pretty sure I would have designer x-ray vision, perfect shiny razor-sharp fingernails, those prada chandelier platforms(just cause)and every issue of every fashion magazine ever printed inscribed into my brain.
    I'd be a walking, talking, fashion encyclopedia robot. : o

  4. I'd start an Ethical Style Swap event. I'd run it in all major cities of Australia and in LDN & NYC with the opportunities for expansion. I'd use my money to pay a manager in each location and to cover the cost of hiring a space for the event. Participants would bring their unwanted clothing and be able to swap for something "new". It would be held in a lux bar serving a range of cocktails (& mocktails!), there would be live jazz to play some great background music. Guys & girls would be given the opportunity to pay a donation upon entry, and all donations would be matched (by me & my millions!).

    On the night there would be representatives from local NGO, non-profits & ethical local fashion businesses to do TED style presentations: short talks about the importance of ethical fashion, and interesting presentations about important causes & how swappers can get involved. There would be pretty postcards for swappers to take home that hold key points about the importance of ethical style & provide links through to online for more info. It would be about encouraging the link between fashion & social justice and getting young people to embrace the idea of being kind to the world and each other as well as themselves - all in a fun atmosphere!

    ps: I do so love how your tights match your necklace - ace!

  5. If I was dirty rich I'd start a plus size fashion empire with properly effing rad designs, invited from local designers. I have but a simple dream :)

    And I'd buy shoes.

  6. I've been following you forever, but this is my first comment I think. I LOVE every single outfit in this post. Those WEDGES, are amazing. I can't even put into words. Not entering the competition, just swooning over those freaking wedges. Also the we love colors tights look amazing!

  7. I love your sexy/confused look! Very cute. Every time I try for sexy, I look angry..

    If I found myself suddenly dirty (FILTHY, DISGUSTINGLY, OBSCENELY) rich, I think I'd have to take a leaf out of David Thorne's son's book - I'd buy a house with giant robot legs.

  8. If I suddenly found myself obscenely, ridiculously rich... I'd start a B&B with a difference.

    I'd invite people to stay and paint, draw, craft, sculpt, whatever they wanted, and be inspired. I'd also have a sanctuary for all the old animals that get abandoned when they're no use anymore; so many dogs and cats are given up because their owners have to go into a nursing home, or because they want a new puppy who's not 'old and broken'.

    It would be a not-for-profit place for relaxation, creativity, and giving back to the community.

  9. If I suddenly found myself DIRTY FILTHY FUCKEN RICH, this is what I'll do:

    A) Buy an island off the Caribbean and shape it like a penis, just because I can. This in turn realises my lifelong dream to be God.

    B) Pour money into scientific research that'll allow me to resurrect the great Yves Saint Laurent and FORCE HIM to design and create a shitload of awesome things for me ... like a personalised YSL dildo would be so sweet.

    C) ... ... Oh yeh. Guess I'll give some ... to the poor.

    D) And buy a new heart. Because mine is obviously made of the blackest stone. -_-

    Hope I win! By the way, love your blog. :) Keeps me very up to date with shit going on in Melbourne.

  10. If I was dirty rich I would buy every single one of the Mac lipsticks and buy those weird lipstick organisers off Amazon and have a lipstick room in my new fab pad (and it will also be ok for me to use the words fab pad when filthy rich). I would walk about stroking the lipsticks and it would make me really happy. And probably kick start some kind of latent OCD.

    And like, create a stray cat resort and give money to help prevent domestic violence and give it to places like family planning and the rspca and go on a world trip and go on a massive plus size clothing and wide calf boot binge. But I'm really excited about the lipstick.

    Here is n example of lipstick organiser:

  11. Ooo, I love your tights! They're so cute! :D

    If I was dirtyrich, I would buy that building for sale opposite Melbourne Central and turn it into a massive chillout place for university students/young adults. It would also double as a massive studio for both filming and photography, with a limitless supply of makeup and costumes.

    (^ Inside would be home cinemas, pool tables, massive rave room, DJ tables, etc. 8D )

  12. If I were to become dirty rich,
    I'd cease to become a poor pitiful bitch!
    I would quit work and do the things I love,
    that is shop, shop, shop and all of the above.
    Of course I would donate to the sick and poor,
    and kick all the fake peoples out the door.
    I would live in New York,
    London & Paris,
    And I probably won't be driving a Toyota Yaris.
    I would no longer be just another human locust,
    Show me the money I am VINTAGEFOKU$!

    VF @

  13. If I was dirtyrich I would be scared of all that money. I think I'd put it all in a bank account and let it acrue vast amounts of interest away out of my sight. I would probably continue to live my normal life, wondering what the right ways would be to spend my fortunes.

    I would probably never decide how to spend it and eventually I would die an old lady and leave the money to further cancer research and animal charities.

  14. If I was dirty filthy rich I would seriously use that money to start up my own chocolate factory like willy wonka. Hire my own oompa loopmas and make the craziest chocolates I could. Get my friends in and we would design all the new candy whilst being able to eat all the chocolate to my heart's content.

    If that fails I would use that money to find hogwarts. Find platform 9 and 3/4 even if I have to run through every platform to find me the hogwarts express in London. convince dumbledore to allow me to be one of their students. The idea of doing magic whilst being with my friends would be awesome.

    And of course being so filthy rich what girl wouldn't do is shop til like there's no tomorrow. Being a uni student we all know there are some constraints. I would take my family and friends and do an all expenses paid trip around the world. Visit all the disneylands around the world and just go on an endless shopping spree. Go visit every op shop and every shopping store and just shop shop shop.

    You probably tell I'm a kid at heart and love my movies but the sheer idea of turning the imaginary into reality is like living out my childhood dreams. I have more but I wouldn't want to bore you since everyone else would also have other creative things they would do if they had money.

    p.s I love the dress you were wearing, love it to bits.

  15. Wh... the hell -- those shoes from OC are FUCKING INSANE. SOB. Why aren't they in my closet collecting dust (totally unwearable for every day FOR SURE)?

    And even though I'm not a tights or tie dye kind of girl, I'm digging on those We Love Color ones!

  16. meant to mention: i was dying for some tsumori chisato while i was in japan, but it was sooo expensive, especially going there with a weak dollar. a lot of the stuff from that collection is on sale now at opening ceremony, i'm hoping they still have one of the dresses i've been lusting after!

  17. I LOVE Tsumori Chisato. I have a pair of orange boots that are the love of my life!

  18. I love your lipstick! And all of your outfits are totally brilliant. I especially love your fringed turban and the We Love Colours leggings are incredible. You're inspiring me to want some purple stuff in my life... and I usually like to stick to monochrome, so that's a big deal.
    Also, the Tsumori Chisato wedges are like a dream. I am so in love with them but I'm not sure if I will ever be able to afford them... oh well.

    And if I was suddenly dirty rich? I would buy some hookers and snort cocaine off them. No, actually I think I'd buy a wardrobe the size and ridiculousness of which Lady Gaga would be proud of; get hair extensions and style them into a bouffant; get a silver plated cigarette holder and host extravagant dinner parties for cats, and live in an architecturally designed eco-palace. I'd become a patron of the arts, unleashing new creative forces unto the world. Also, perhaps a yacht would be nice.

  19. I love the 2nd & 3rd pair of shoes! And your tye dye leggings, fabulous. xo

  20. You look so AMAZING, I looove the tye dye leggings, and they do go really well with your necklace. Also ADORE the wedges, indeed live a little! You go girl! (cheesy) You're awesome xx

  21. I'm not posting to enter the competition but to say.. did you steal my tights??!

  22. I am totally not eligible for the comp - but just wanted to write that this is a GREAT post. x.

  23. i would definitely buy the important essentials for me- a car, house... then i'd splurge on my family and i. i'd buy chanel bags, acne shoes and ysl rings :D i'd then donate a few thousand dollars to different charities!

    maybe buy some pretty presents for my friends on the way as well!

    oh yeah, and i'd purchase my own domain for my blog ahaha :D

  24. Hayley these clogs are amazing! I went straight into my local Rubi when I saw this post but they weren't there :( Hopefully I can grab a pair when I am in Melb later this month. May I ask which store you purchased yours from?

  25. The Velvet Bow, I bought them at the Melbourne Bourke Street store, but not sure if they have any left. I'm sure they'll bring them back though, they seemed really popular.

  26. I like these leggings :)

    I I was dirty rich I would buy an island and build a mansion for me, and many other mansions for underprivileged to live in.

  27. Are you ready for a completely sentimental answer??? If I were filthy rich....I would make the world feel beautiful. (I know... I know, but give me a moment)

    I would give every girl a tutu and a pony when they turn 7 so they all would feel special and no one would be left out. Then I would send them off into the world and if they wanted to wear burlap sacks for the rest of their life they could confidently b/c no one would feel the need to peg or label them.

    I would create a world where everyone could feel just as they want to feel, if i were dirty rich

  28. Of course I'de love to say I'de donate to charity, help the poor and cure aids or whatever.. I mean, I'm not saying I wouldnt, but between us, that's not the first thing I'de run out and do. When I'll be dirty rich (lets not use the word IF, for karma's sake) I'de build supersize mansions for teenagers and students who cant pay their rent (not all of us have rich parents) to squat in. Seriously paying rent is a pain in the ass.

  29. I would pay for a trip to outer space, so i could have an "out of this world experience". As its something so limited people could ever do! These outfits are incredible i love the colour! xx Ash

  30. If I was Dirty rich, I'd bathe in milk of the gods by day and party by night (with my beloved and best buddies in tow) that's all.

    Loving your bright hues and those clogs what a great find, I've been after some of those Swedish Hasbeens but alas am not Dirty rich yet! ha

    Love your work

    Sleekit x

  31. Rubi shoes suck - they copy anything good ggrrhhhh

  32. I'm Taurean - I go for luxury and practical. So I'd be buying a great little apartment with views, not worrying about the price tags on clothes any more, doing a bit of travel then socking the rest away for rainy days and old age. You never know what's around the corner and it might be 24 hour nursing care for your parents...

  33. If I was dirty rich I would open a free day care centre for all those women who, like me, have a lot of their hard earned money taken away again in day care fees (which, by the way, is more expensive than private schooling). And I would also put out postage stamp vending machines because I hate the post office.

  34. I would be buy the rights to Masterchef and earn me lots more money. I would then buy my mother in law a one way ticket to the moon.

  35. A dirtyrich girl would fly to the moon,
    Eat handmade desserts with a sold gold spoon,
    Have Brad Pitt and George Clooney on either side,
    As she walked down the red carpet with pride,
    She'd be on TV and in a mag or two,
    She'd be kicking back in Bora Bora or hiking in Peru,
    But the best thing about being dirtyrich...?
    I'd get on the dirtyrich website and buy every stitch!

  36. I'd buy Google and name it after myself ie Joygle


  37. Of course first up I'd help out family, pay off debt, donate to charity, and help LOTS of animals.

    Once that was done, I would think 'wow, I'm insanely rich and can do whatever I want'.

    I would therefore use real gold to make hundreds and thousands of coins, which I would then use to fill an indoor swimming pool. I would start everyday with a dive into my pool of coins, scrooge style ;)

    I'd then hire a gang of crack security specialists to steal your Tsumori Chisato wedges because OMG they are divine!!
    Ok, so maybe I could afford to just buy my own so maybe that would be a better choice!

  38. If I was dirty rich I would buy everyone a pair of those Tsumori Chisato wedges, so that the world was a brighter and happier place. Holler!

  39. Im no where near as creative as these lovely followers... BUT I LOVE YOUR DROWN NECKLACE &&& I love we love colours they are bloody awesome! You look fantastic I love blondes, purple tights and styling bloggers!!

    I love your blog and all the fantastic fashion advice your sharing with us all!

  40. amaaaaaazng outfits, i love all of them! and that turban is fierce! x

  41. f I was dirtyrich, i would travel to every single place possible in the world. i would take as many people as i can and many photos until my camera explodes and then show the rest of the world just how amazing the world we live in is. People that have money don't understand how lucky they are, so then i was help less advantaged people. I would set my life up and because i would have married/bought the man of my dreams spend my spare time expanding my wardrobe of corse with as much Dirtyrich as possible : )

    wonderful blog

    Hope to hear back with good news

    Em xx


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