Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spider Ring and New York Bling

City Chic has some amazing new accessories, clothes and not to mention a hot new flagship store here in Melbourne. Check out my blog for them here to check out more great photos. Its so good to finally have a great plus size retailer doing innovative new things in Australia by getting involved with online social media and creating fun fashion forward clothes for us fatshion lovers. Oh and did I tell you they are sponsoring the Young Fat & Fabulous Blogger Conference in New York in July and I am attending? I am so excited to be going, its going to be so much fun meeting the other bloggers and, well, being in New York and all!!!


  1. Oh if only you knew what people were calling you behind your back.
    People that suck up your ass on Twitter and comments and what not they don't like you they like the views your getting them.

  2. hahahahha WOW! petrifying crazy first comment!

    only a meany would say bad things about hayley I happen to know she's lovely!

    have fun in NewYork! x

  3. Ah New York! I'm jealous! Loving your City Chic blog too.

  4. Best rings EVER!

    I loved the blog on City Chic as well, posted my lust for your jacket over there :P

    You lucky lass it sounds like an amazing opportunity (do you have enough room in your luggage for me :P)

    Paint the town red darling!!

    Can't wait to finally catch up with you and shoot when your free.


  5. The ugly face of jealousy! If I were here in July, I'd suggest a meet. Keep up the awesome work, Hayley! Wishing you a fab NY trip, too.

  6. oh my god. that is so mean! to the anon who wrote that - get a life! you are clearly visiting her blog and giving her more traffic to you!
    Keep up the great work Hayley :)

    xx Bel

  7. LOL @ first comment. I love when people ignorantly speak on the behalf of everyone.

    People 'suck up Hayley's ass' because she's smart, funny, generous, talented, inspiring - she's GOING PLACES most people could only dream of and she's way nicer than she might be considering all of that. I know people who'd snub you over a lot less.

    I know you're really excited about your 15 minutes of anonymous fame on Hayley's blog but you might want to speak just for yourself next time.

  8. very cool spider ring. Have a great time in New York, you lucky duck you :)

  9. i swear i saw you near the Melbourne museum yesterday...

  10. Ruby, I was down there to see that sausage dog as the UN assembly art thingy. You should've said hi.

    Everyone else (excluding anon), thanks guys xxx

  11. What a great idea (the conference)! I'm glad some people are actually acknowledging bigger bloggers and not pretending they don't exist and don't have valuable anything to contribute. I find it a bit laughable that Mod Cloth is a sponsor, though, when most of their clothing doesn't come in larger sizes.

  12. Yay for New York! Really enjoyed the City Chic blog as well.

  13. Wow, spider ring is fantastic!

    I'm so excited and happy for you about NY. I am going later in the year so I can't wait to see what you have to say about it.

    Oh and lazy (crazy?) people will always be jealous of others' hard work.

  14. If people are going to be such jerks they should at least back it up with NOT posting anonymously.
    Great rings!

  15. Aha how ridiculous, what a shame it is that when people work hard and do amazingly for themselves others allow jealousy to make them bitter and pathetic

    That spider ring is raaaaad
    Have fun in New Yorkk, hooow exciting!

  16. Hayley i've fallen for your wonderful blog!! Its soo fabulous! I really enjoy reading it and seeing all your fab photos! That spider ring is soo stunning! I think i'm going to have to get myself one! wow that is so awesome that you are off to new york! I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing! xx

  17. FUCK THAT HATER CUNT. Geez kid, get some style!
    Comment A. With better grammar and B. With something to say. Hayley, you are an amazing woman.


  18. I want new bling now :)

    Enjoy New York, I'm sure you'll have a blast. A few commenters have said how lucky you are but I don't believe in luck, more like a reward for all the hard (unpaid) work you've put in.

  19. Gotta love the trolls right?

    I think that Spider ring might need to be in my of right now!

    Have a wonderful time in NY! Can't wait to hear about the conference, it sounds amazing!

  20. Obviously SOMEONE'S mum didn't teach them 'if you can't say anything nice don't say it at all'!!
    FABULOUS rings... I'm in a black mood right now and I want that nail polish too!!

  21. i was there for that too!
    i'm taking my sausage dog next week.
    i would have, but i was in the car.

  22. Hayley, I followed you on your Tokyo tour and was just so incredible tuned and inspired, what a cool little life you have goin there, and now you are off to New York, well I will be following you there too and marveling in all your achievements.

    I'm not even gonna comment on the Anoy Ahole

    Sleekit x

  23. I love that spider ring! So great. And that conference looks wonderful, I hope you enjoy it!

  24. Great news Hayley. You're going to have a wonderful time in NY! Anonymous comments are so lame - if you're going to try to be provocative, at least face up to it.

  25. Cripes ill be in New York in July too! Im trying to get my itinerary sorted, its hard. So many things so little time...

    April Rose


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