Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drop Snapped in Tokyo


Bumped into the photographer for Drop Snap on Omotesando Dori in Harajuku. I'm friends with the owner of the website, Daisuke, but I never got to meet up with him on this trip as he has been sick (some mighty nasty bugs were floating around, I got sick for a week, as did my friends who I stayed with etc) Anyway my sister Ebony, me and Cami from Discount got snapped seriously representing Melbourne style - dressed in head to toe black! Also as a group of 3 blondes in Tokyo we certainly got our share of stares. I'm thinking my friends must think all Australians look like us, blondes in black!

I wore:
Dress: TV $300
Leggings: Kinji in Harajuku $8
Shoes: Big W $20
Necklace: H&M Tokyo $40
Pom pom: I made it
Watch: Henry's
Bangle: Ishka $10
Nail Polish: Sportsgirl $7.95 I am totally addicted to this colour!
Hair: Man I wish I brushed it before this photo was taken! Sweaty humid hair = gross.

While we were getting snapped (in front of the Martin Maison Margiela store no less!) we bumped into Phil Oh from Street Peeper, I wish I got a photo of all us street photographers, but I was too keen to check out the MMM store to think of my blog, haha.


  1. i love that necklace so much! also- that sportsgirl nail polish is one of my favourites as well! that + their matte, dark purple one. i used them all so much they've gone gluggy now. i tried the old add-some-drops-of-nail-polish-remover trick, but now they're really thin. it's total balls.

  2. That necklance is unreal! Dammit when are we going to have access to H&M in Australia?!

  3. Loving that necklace and the cyan highlights!

  4. So awesome. You are giving me total tokyo envy lady. I just love the way your style is evolving. It's really inspiring!

  5. Gorgeous!
    You rock that outfit!

  6. do you know where henry got that watch? i really want one!

  7. Anonymous: He got it at Big W for like $10 or $20 I think. Pretty great find....seriously Big W is amazing for great cheap occasionally cool stuff.

  8. her boots! <3

  9. first hachi then yohey-you know so many kids in tokyo that end up on my blog! can't wait to go back there!

  10. It is such a pleasant surprise running into your blog. It is very refreshing and down to earth.

    I will be back(in governator talk)

  11. HAYLEY. I've just read with intense scrutiny every single post of yours from Tokyo. I'm going there in a few days and now i'm EVEN MORE EXCITED THAN I WAS BEFORE!!! oh my god.

  12. i was just in Japan recently and i saw you in Harajuku!! it was right near the La Foret building and it all happened too fast for me to say hi! it was like seeing a celebrity and i was too shy >.<
    love your work xx


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