Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Want a job at RAFW???

It's every girls dream to attend fashion week yes? Well not every girls but a heck of a lot of us do love us some fancy clothes. I'm obviously a massive fashion lover (hence the blog and all) and jump at any chance I get to attend fashion week. I had every intention of going up to Sydney for RAFW this year but I accidentally booked a coinciding trip to Tokyo and as much as I love fashion I love Tokyo more. So I am unable to do this amazing job that came my way but have been asked to put the word out to my readers, maybe one of you would be interested in this fantastic opportunity?

Here are the details:

What: Assistant to the lovely Melanie Hicks, Fashion Editor at The Vine during RAFW in Sydney May 3 - 7. It is a paid job and flights to Sydney can be arranged but this all depends on finding the perfect candidate.

You: A qualified journalist with experience in writing fashion show reviews for the web. Should have a media or journalism degree or similar, bloggers will be considered.

To apply contact Mel through The Vine website (she doesn't want email spam about Viagra hence no email here)

There you go guys, a fantastic opportunity to experience fashion week first hand and perhaps meet this years uber blogger guests Susie Bubble and Tommy Ton, oh how my heart bled when I heard Susie was coming, it really nearly did make me cancel my Tokyo trip.


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity. I have been working in events for a while now and need to GET OUT OF IT!!! I want to be working in fashion publications and start getting more experience with styling and hopefully journalism.

  2. OMG i wish i had a journalism degree right now, this sounds amazing. pity i've only written 3 posts on my new blog :( good luck!

  3. Thank you so much to yourself and Melanie for this great opportunity. I adore The Vine and would love to work for such a fantastic publication.


  4. I have passed on a blog award to you !

  5. Hmmm i'm doing my journalism degree at the moment and write for about 5 websites...(in music though) maybe I should try. :S

  6. You've got mail w/ my credentials. Thanks so much


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