Sunday, April 11, 2010

Culture Cover


So exciting to have scored my 1st ever cover with only my 2nd ever published shoot! How is that for odds?

Photographer: Elvina-Mae
Hair: Ben Martin
MUA: Shalla Ruby
Model: Annie Callanan
Styling: Me

The cover shot is this amazing black cape from Kirrily Johnston worn with a necklace by Drown. I wanted to play with textures and shapes with just the one "colour" (yes I know black inst a colour but saying shade seemed wrong) and statement jewellery. As Culture magazine is a hair magazine the hair had to be the main focus with the clothing complementing it, which in the final editorial I think it does. Plus with the amazing hair that Ben created it isn't hard for it to be (you have to see the rest of the editorial for even more amazing hair!) I haven't found the magazine on the racks just yet (officially it came out on Friday but has been hard to find, every store has the old issue) so once I do I will post more images from the editorial and a photo of my cover sitting there on the rack...can't wait to see that, I just know that who ever is beside me at the store will hear all about it being my cover, hahaha. Actually, not one for being shy to a show off session, in my search for the mag on Friday I rang my local newsagency, which being on Collins Street is a rather fancy one, and asked if they had the new issue yet, which they didn't. I then told them the story that I had styled the cover, and somehow we got talking and I got a possible VM job out if it to create store windows and displays! hahaha see being a show off can actually pay off!


  1. haha that's so funny about the VM possibilities. No point in being humble eh! Congrats! the hair does look pretty stunning. I'll keep an eye out for the mag so I can check out your styling expertise.

  2. Congratulations! The hair does look amazing, I'll definitely be looking out for the issue so I can see your work properly.

  3. Congratulations darling!!! Its stunning and what an amazing team effort!


  4. So freakin proud of you Hayley, that cover is amazing, I'd frame it!!

  5. Congrats!

    The hair is rad.

    Might Culture send you a complimentary copy if you inquire with them since you're their "covergirl"?

  6. woo go hayley! i saw the other scans on alicias blog. i had no idea culture was a hair magazine...

  7. congratulations!
    its a beautiful cover!!

  8. Great cover, fabulous hair and good on you for scoring another gig

    Sleekit x

  9. good!!! sooo goood


  10. Congrats i ADORE the hair in that shot!!

  11. Amazing Hayley!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! So proud of you and can't wait for what's to come! Hope you're having a ball in Japan. Lots of love xoxoxo


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