Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surprise I'm in Tokyo

On Tuesday I was feeling really bored, and while in the shower I thought why don't I just head to Tokyo sooner rather than later. So I messaged my bestie, Hillary, to see if I could stay with her the 12 extra nights and she excitedly messaged me back saying "hell yes" (her live in bf had no choice in the matter, remember this is Japan so their house is a tiny studio apartment) So I changed my ticket and arrived on Thursday night. This is what I wore yesterday when I went out to surprise a few friends that I'm already here. It was freezing yesterday (apparently it snowed in parts of Tokyo) so I had on many layers.
Jacket: Target $60
Cardigan: City Chic gift
Floral Dress: Savers $8
Leggings: ASOS $40
Boots: Forever New $129.95
Belt: Camberwell Market $10
Flower Necklace: Make Believe gift
Bag: Gift from my mum
Purple Lipstick: Cyber by Mac $35

I gave Hillary the Trimapee necklace she is wearing, she teamed it with her vintage denim overalls from Kinji in Harajuku, her American thrift store fur jacket and her spray painted white boots. Maybe you can see why we are such good friends? She is the only person I know who dresses like me and thinks like me and well there are so many times back home when I wish that she lived closer. She just gets me. She is from a small town in Mississippi and her southern accent is hillarious when trying to say Australian words like lollies. I'm going to have so much fun over the next few weeks, already laughed more than I have in years. Last night I helped her babysit 3 Japanese kids, who were all so cute until the 4 year old tried to Kancho me (google it if you don't know what that is). Such a funny night.


  1. both outfits are gorgeous
    hope tokyo isn't too cold for you! enjoy

  2. you look so super cute hayley! i love this outfit big time! did you get that jacket recently- I want one!

  3. LOVE IT HAYLEY! Didn't know you had another southern friend! Mississippi accents are awesome. People from my hometown have a similar accent, but its a little less intense than Mississippi.
    ANYWAY! I love both of your style! I love how its similar..And I love that you found a savers floral dress like that! I think you would love thrift store shopping in Oklahoma..You can find great "japanese vintage style/furugi" here, because people are behind. haha. So I go to Tokyo and get inspiration there and come back and get super cheap vintage!

    Anyway...That was a lot of info, but it always encourages me when there is someone from the south being represented internationally as something BESIDES a redneck/countrybumpkin, or hick. HA

  4. Lucky lucky you, I lived in Tokyo and there is no where in the world I love more. Even the background of your pics are making me a little homesick!
    Have a fabulous time and stay warm - friends have told me it's been around 5'c, which is totally crazy in May.

  5. Wow - it's STILL cold? It was down in the single digits when I was there a few weeks ago. I really like your outfit here - the skirt is a great pop of colour. And your friend Hillary is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. You look fantastic Hayley. Have loads of fun. x.

  7. that dress is from SAVERS!? my gosh, good find! i've never seen such un-faded floral prints on second hand items EVER!

  8. The floral dress has the perfect colors, I envy you. This is such a nice outfit!

  9. I am so fucking jealous. I wish I could just pick up and there. Most amazing place and I miss it like hell.
    I love seeing other peoples photos of it!

  10. Gorgeous outfit, have an amazing time!

  11. I was joking about hopping on a plane and going to Tokyo the other day... but you actually do it! Amazing. Have an awesome time.

  12. You look great!

    I love Japan........hope you have a great time and enjoy the break from work!


  13. Have fun in Tokyo, one day I will get there!

    Fab outfit too

    Sleekit x

  14. Love both of these outfits - your boots are amazing! So jealous that you're visiting Tokyo, I'd love to go there one day. Also, I'd love to exchange blog links so please let me know if you're interested x Sushi

  15. what a cool surprise for you too, good for you on making this decision, hope youre having a blast

  16. How long are you there for love?
    I'm going over on 1st of June! You'll have to hook me up with good shopping tips (or browsing, as I think I'll be a little tight).
    Have fun sweetheart xxx


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