Sunday, December 13, 2009

Swensk Window's Revealed

The window at Swensk was unveiled on Saturday after much hard work on everyone involved's behalf. I would like to thank Jane and Mats at Swensk for offering me the opportunity to create the window, it was a great learning experience. Special thanks to Viktor for being an amazing photographer, perfectly capturing the mood and essence of what I had in mind and at such short notice. The models too were perfect, thanks so much Jemma, Angus and Matt you all really got into character perfectly portraying the anguished love triangle from Ingmar Bergman's Summer with Monika.

The idea was to create a window that reflected upon both Swensk's Sweedish ties and also the stores modern simplistic clothes and even if I do say so myself, I think I did just that. The film, Summer with Monika, is an iconic Sweedish movie, and we were able to draw from its moody imagery to create a dynamic retail window installation. The styling is a departure from my usual crazy over the top work, (see here for evidence) but I think it finally proves that I am able to meet breifs, work within budgets and most importantly it showcases my diversity as a stylist.

To see more images from the shoot and where they match up in the movie please visit here.

Ingmar Berman will never go out of fashion by Hayley Hughes will be on display at Swensk until 26-12-09.

The small gathering at the store on Saturday was fun.

Talking about the window with friends.

Enjoying the mulled wine and lucia buns that Jane prepared for Saint Lucia day.

I wore my early Christmas present from Henry, the yellow dress from Gorman that I have wanted for nearly 4 months! It finally went on sale at their Richmond clearance store (down from $250 to $125) but I had no money, que Henry to the rescue, yay! I know my outfit is very similar to my last outfit post, just a different dress, but I do have an idea on how to wear this dress in a different way so expect to see that soon.


  1. Congrats on getting the window, it looks great! And so do you!


  2. YOU LOOK sooooo GOOD in YELLOW AMG. NO ONE can pull off that shade of yellow. Amazing!!

    And seriously; what a beautiful and poignant window, you really pulled it off!! x

  3. Completely agree with Alicia, I can't believe how amazing you look in yellow.
    Sorry I didn't make it yesterday, I ended up working. So glad it went well and don't worry about the other day- I didn't think you were rude to me! Maybe a little tired but you've been so busy.

    Will make an effort to check out the store.
    Well done!!

  4. wow, you should wear more bright colored stuff, you look amazing! congrats on your work- it's awesome.
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  5. Congratilations on your work! Everything looks amazing and the styling is awsome ;D!
    Love your new dress !

    kiss kiss,

  6. hayley, this looks crazy good. i'll go see it in person tomorrow.

  7. I must take a wander past the store - it looks incredible! Congratulations.

  8. Wow, amazing windows!

    The yellow dress is amazing too.

  9. I agree with the other comments here - you can definitely rock yellow!

    The windows look very nicely done too. Shame I can't drop by and see them. I've been going through a Bergman phase at the moment so I get the inspiration.

  10. you look gorgeous! and i agree with everyone, you look awesome in that yellow dress!

  11. love reading your blog...will pop past and see the window for sure!

  12. Fantastic work, the window looks very elegant, you must be so pleased!! The dress looks great and I love that style so who cares if you wear it more than once!

  13. wow, fabulous. love the yellow on you and congrats for the display! it looks great!

  14. Hi Hayley!

    Congratulations on your window, and I have to say, you look fabulous in that yellow! You should definitely wear it more often.


  15. Congrats Hayley. Looks fantastic! Yellow suits you well.

  16. Yay congrats on the window display!!
    Must have felt so good!
    And wow you look fabulous in yellow!!
    Really bold and bright Love it! :)

  17. Congratulations Hayley! Your work looks amazing and I love your inspiration behind it.
    Can't wait to go check it out soon :)

    How sweet is Henry?! I agree with everyone above, the dress is gorgeous on you , the colour just works so well with your complexion and hair <3

    Ohh, and Merry Christmas!

    <3 xxx

  18. LOVE this outfit - you look fucking gorgeous :)

  19. Oh, like in Sweden! we also have mulled wine and lucia buns (Lussebullar) and cinnamon cakes (pepparkakor) at the 13'th dec. =D
    Really like your blog, nice outfits!


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