Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Somewhere, where else?

My sister when we first got inside the Somewhere store opening. It was bloody hot but somehow she still managed to look smoking hot in an outfit I styled for her.

Jane and Jamie from Swensk. Working on something cool for their store but its top secret right now, probably not even meant to say that, ha.

Rad Vlad with girl whose name escapes me but who has the most awesome lipstick on ever.

Estelle wearing a piece from her new SS09/10 jewellery range. Catch her work at this Sunday's Design Market at the Order of Melbourne, Level 2 / 401 Swanston Street from 12 - 5pm. More info here.

Poor Elvina was melting, as was I hence no photos of me. I looked like I had taken a shower, a sweat shower, ewww.

The fans came out in full force.

Charlotte was not impressed with the heat either.

So outside we went to the relatively cool air. Look at everyone's hipster hair. Loves it.

Sitting in gutters is du-jour at these events.

And right now an event without Yvan in attendance isn't an event at all its merely a soiree.

These shoes were hot.

And that ladies and gentlemen is all I've got!


  1. no jens? :(:(:(
    was hoping for at least a pic/video :(

  2. Great shots, love those boots at the end and that lipstick in pic 4!

  3. Yeah we missed each other! I recognise your sister though so I think perhaps you arrived when we were leaving. It was so goddamn hot in there and the sweat was ruining my outfit ha ha.

    Anyhow, no doubt there will be something else we can hang out at!

  4. the black lipstick girl with vlad is called Cizage Elbaz and Hayley! thats a shocking photo of me!! lol!

    literally melting is not a hot look for anyone!


  5. haha both my "drinking pose" and my "gutter pose" are pretty hilarious. on the photo with vin i look like a little kid :0 thanks for the promo love x
    ps: ive just sent you the arnsdorf invite thing on you msf email

  6. I'm excited about this "secret" you mentioned...haha..

    And yes. When I saw the picture with all the hair, I thought "Melbourne Hipster" before I even saw your caption. haha. New York and LA hipsters are a little different than Melbourne hipsters..haha. They're so many hipsters at the universities in the US now, its so mainstream! At least Melbourne hipsters are different! haha

  7. lol thats ci with me, she looks great i on the other hand look repulsive. i think my face is never going on my blog if thats what i really look like. hahaha

  8. those hairstyles! glad to see hammer hair giving the mullet a run for its money! hawt!

  9. haha, gotta love them gutters!
    and those purple boots!? sweeeeeet! x

  10. i want to know where that lipstick is from.... no! i need to know.
    it is amazing!!
    it is the perfect colour!

    your blog is great :)

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