Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bride Stripped Bare

Walking into Leo Greenfield's studio at the VCA is like walking into fringing heaven for me the lover of all things fringed. Blurring the line between fashion and art Leo's creations exemplify the idea of fashion as an artform. Studying sculpture at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts (I once attended studying photography but I kinda hated it, ha) Leo's creations are destined for the art galleries of Melbourne and not the runways of Paris, but that doesn't make them any less "fashion". The idea is to exhibit them stacked up as fringed cape totem poles, almost like fashion gods with accompanying photoshoot collages. I really identify with Leo's work as when I was at art school my work was always about fashion and how it relates to art and society as a whole. I sometimes miss the art world but artists like Leo who blur the line between art and design inspire me on a whole other level.

Leo kindly invited me to his studio to see his work in person and for an impromptu fashion shoot with fellow student Molly as the model.

Leo is also a fashion illustrator and has beautiful sketches of street fashion on his blog.

The knot ropes are made from t-shirts of Leo's from when he was a teenager. The feathers are to be cast into metal.

Leo Greenfield in his studio.


  1. The feather neckpiece is just WOW! I love it!


  2. What an amazing space - thanks for sharing. I wonder what the leaves (feathers?) will look like once they've been cast?

  3. I envy you for being surrounded with all these talented and creative people.
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  4. I want to see more of his illustrations! I love the red fringed caplet best. X

  5. Uh I wish I knew you, I love your style

  6. Wow! He has amazing work..Very inspiring! Thanks for supporting the arts and illustrators again! :)

  7. Hey I know Leo, how cool Hayley! And I agree with Susan, it seems that you know some really cool people!

  8. leo's work looks amazing - so many different mediums looks like lots of depth to his work. my work was always v influenced by fashion (did fine art at central st martins 5 yrs ago). am hoping to get to the vca private view this year as my friend is graduating so look out for me - will have baby sling on and possibly various little larikins at my ankles. would love to say hi so be prepared!!

  9. i love his blog!
    feather necklace is so cool too.

  10. Thanks Hayley, so happy to have been posted! X Leo


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