Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nothing to see here

If you follow me on Twitter you would have already seen these photos. They are from a shoot I styled on Monday with the photographer Chris Polack. We did two different shoots on the one day. One was a more artsy creative shoot, which turned out amazing. The other was a portrait series with a rocky/punky vibe. Both very fun and different looks to style. You may recognise the model from the last photo, its Sheridan Seekamp from Make me a Supermodel. I never actually watched the show, but after she told me I googled it when I got home and watched an episode to look out for her. Is that normal behaviour? Or cyber stalking? Anyway at the shoot she was amazing, she really got into her character. It was so cool to see her work. Compared to other models I have worked with it was like she had been to posing bootcamp or something (which I guess the show was) because woah did she play up to the camera. Anyway I thought that was interesting, that maybe that type show does actually teach you how to model? The other models on the day were amazing too, but it was like Sheridan brought an extra something.

Can't wait till I get the results back to show you all.


  1. what a contrast! but they both look so cool

  2. amazing work!
    Love the shoes from the first image, do you know who they are by?

  3. i think i saw these on your facebook and i was just like WOAH. i didn't know she was from make me a supermodel...actually i don't even recognise her :S
    the shoot looks awesome. love that ripped jeans and leather jacket outfit.

  4. OHHHH.

    I can't wait to see thge final product!


  5. oh i remember her! she was my favourite on that show. looks freaking amazing.

  6. I'm tempted to get a similar pair of 'extremely' ripped denim ...


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