Friday, July 3, 2009


Madonna's infamous Sex book, 1992.

Lady Gaga for V magzine July/Aug 2009
Styling: Nicola Formichetti

As much as I love Lady Gaga, she is not and will not be the new Madonna, no matter how much she wants to be.


  1. was the shoot intending to pay homage to madonna? it seems like kind of a tribute, rather than trying to be her.

  2. Hayley what about the kid viewers! I am too young to see this stuff!!

  3. Nice post - allow me to weigh in....

    I love both ladies.

    Clearly Lady Gaga is inspired by the great Mads but lets face it, who isn't inspired by at least some (if not all) of her artistic forays over the years? Can you think of a better muse for the modern female pop (I highlight pop) artist?

    I think its a nice homage.... especially since Madonna has admitted she is a huge Gaga fan herself.

    I don't think she'll be the new Madonna because 1) There IS and can only ever be one Madonna. 2) I don't thinks she wants to be anyone other than Lady Gaga.

    And thats more than fine with me...


  4. I never got to see that sex book. I was 12 when it came out... and forbidden. And I can see why.

    All sexy shots, really. x

  5. I think you should get this. It comes in black too:

  6. I still haven't seen the sex book. I think its okay now since I'm an adult.

    Love Grace.

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  8. she doesnt wanna be the next madonna - shes heaps keen on being herself as she says in every single interview.
    agreed with above comments; its just homage.

    ps gaga is SO so SO easy to rip on and australians hate overconfidence like hers, so they do. but i love er

  9. can anyone say overexposed? man, im so over gaga...

  10. aww photobucket is too soft and i can't see the first picture.
    mhm lady gag is very very intent on being individual i think so yeah it's prob more of a homage.
    i actually pre-booked my so-en. apparently they run out quick? well i guess you can still get a copy coz i think it came out on wednesday...
    arggh I agree, the price tag sucks! Only $4 in japan :O that's so cheap. australia doesn't even have any 4 dollar mags.

  11. Chantelle, ohhh I do like it, but I'm a size 16 normally, it seems a bit large. Maybe I can make something similar?


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