Friday, June 5, 2009

Should I buy???

These crazy arse flares at the Sportsgirl sale by Maurie and Eve? Down from $150 to only $65...looked pretty awesome on but are maybe a bit too hippy-ish? I'm leaning towards yes but want to know your opinion. Maybe if they were a little cheaper? There were 2 pairs left in my size at the Bourke Street store...maybe I should go back in the morning cos I did love them on so very much.

In other news a photo of me in the Romance was Born cape will come tomorrow as have had no time with my photographer (aka Henry) all week. I think these flares and the cape will work so well together...but then I will be bordering on crazy yeti hippy with pom poms and pink hair. OMG how good will that all look???

Wow I am so getting the leggings now. Like my bad photoshopping? That is the actual Romance Was Born cape I bought, modelled by the beautiful J J from a behind the scenes photo at that shoot I did a while back (got the images back recently, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G with a capital A, can't wait to show you) which upon returning to Fat I missed terribly and convinced Henry to buy it for my birthday. I am also finally buying the Lola&Bailey necklace, my mum gave me the money for it for my birthday, yay thanks mum! Just need to get the Tristian Blair shoes and then all my dreams will have come true.

So what do you think of the flares? yay or nay???


  1. Yay,
    live dangerously.

    As dangerously as pants come anyway.

  2. with the right shoes and top, your bound look hippy-ish.

  3. Haha, nay no way. I don't believe in flares, particularly not stretchy ones...

  4. Flares and the cape together would look very hippy-ish. Do you want to look like a hippy though?

    That's actually really pretty good photoshopping.

    YAY for Tristian Blairs!


  5. oh my god, i've wanted those flares tooooooo ever since they came out... then they disappeared and last night I went into sportsgirl and there they were on sale! Did you see the black sequin flares? I'm thinking about getting them... what do you think?

    I reckon you should def get thouse flares by the way!

  6. Do it lady! it's more you than you!


  7. If you're still thinking about them the next day you have to get them.

    Can I ask you to lay off the pom poms though?

  8. NoNoNoNoNoNoNo!
    Do not touch those flairs...Step away from the flairs...Put the flairs down Hayley...Seriously NO!
    Loving the cape though :)

  9. no, you're a bigger girl and i don't think they'd do you any favors/
    cape and necklace are fantastic though

  10. hey hayley didnt you say you never wore pants? i think it was back in that post 'a heavy issue' or something along those lines...
    get the pants if they make you happy!
    fashion is about having fun :)

  11. flaires are disgusting.

  12. I'd have to say Nah to the flares too. *Sorry*
    The shape would be no doubt flattering, but the pattern would not.

    <3 K

  13. Got to be honest, not a fan of flares beyond the 1970s, Btw picked up a pair of tan woven brogues from rubi shoes on Sale!! I was lemming your black ones.

  14. NAY! Please stay away from them or else you will get emails from internet losers bagging you. Do not give them ammunition.

  15. doooooo it! plus they are a bargain and its those purchases you pickup that you "umm-and-ahh"over for days that turn out to become your favorite clothes!
    big thumbs up... particularly love the print xx

  16. hahahaha epic photoshopping! love it!


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