Monday, June 8, 2009

The Morning After The Night Before

The shoot I styled last week is now up on Melbourne Street
Please tell me what you think. It was a massive effort on everyone's part and I think it turned out really well, especially considering in the week leading up to it I was sick at home in bed.

Last night was the Gay Bash Cell block party and I was the door bitch. This is what I wore:

Margiela and Madonna inspired "Fashion Police" costume complete with whip and shackles (couldn't find hand cuffs anywhere). Photos from the party will come soon.
White shirt: Savers $6
Black corset bra: Savers $3 both bought for this costume
1 Black wig: $2 shop on Swanston Street $9 cut in half and sewn onto shirt
Black Police hat: $2 shop on Swanston Street $4.50
Black whip and convict shackle bracelet: $2 shop on Chapel Street $3 each
Silver Sherif badge: $2 shop on Sydney Road $1.50 (included gun I didn't use in costume)
Remainder of clothes my normal everyday items
Total cost of costume: $27
Totally worth it to look so stupid


  1. Ohh your shoot looks amazing! It rain heavily during our shoot for pocketto today :(.

    And the fashion police outfit is hilarious!


  2. Ahaha the outfit turned out great, the cut wig worked well for the shoulders!

    Pretty sure you know how I feel about the shoot - loving it hard!

    So good to see you Sunday, hopefully we can catch up again soon!


  3. Jesus christ you look fabulous Hayley!!!
    People always ask me if you really dress like you do on the blog and I say, 'What do you think,of course!!'
    ROCK ON!

  4. AMAAZING job hayley.
    the shot where anna is lying on the ground in the RWB cape is my absolute favourite. ahh the guy looks awesome too.

  5. That shoot is seriously incredible!

  6. I love the police cap, fucking awesome girl!

  7. aaa, this is so cool! =) rrrr


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