Thursday, June 4, 2009

Current fashion loves

All of these have featured on my blog recently but I just can't get them out of my head.

I'm still dreaming about this Lola&Bailey necklace, from Alegorie. I've borrowed it for two shoots so far, and I wore it around the house trying to convince Henry to buy it for me. Being back at uni sucks, I never have any money so Henry is like my "dad" in that I always have to beg him for money to go out, see a movie, get a tram ticket etc. I need an allowance. Or a job. There are no 1 or 2 days a week jobs at all right now.

Another piece I borrowed for a shoot is this leather cage top by Es-Trella which I love and have so many ideas for.

Make Believe Petal to the Metal necklace as featured in the current issue of Vogue. Adore this piece.

Tristian Blair shoes available from Lady. No way could I ever walk in them as I'm heel intolerant so if I bought them they would be my "sit down dinner shoes" and I would go to dinner and just sit down and stare at my feet all night.

Also really want to do this with my hair, which I've wanted to do long before Lady Gaga perfected the look. I do love me some Lady Gaga though, her look is so me, but with more money and a better figure.

I found an online tutorial of how to make a hair bow. Its in Japanese but its easy to understand.

I've had no time to photograph the RWB cape. I will do it on the weekend. Sorry everyone.


  1. Blah having no money sucks. I'm lusting over a gazillion things but am trying to steer clear or temptations.

  2. i loovveeee the make believe necklace.
    i stumbled across it on their blog a while ago but never chased it up.
    do you know where its stocked in melbourne?
    i want to see it IRL instead of buying it off their website.
    thanks :)

  3. I tried doing the Bow updo and failed! My hair is so crispy because of the amount of hair spray I put in it I'm sure if I tried I could probably snap a strand in half.


  4. Cotonsocks: Not sure if it is stocked in Melbourne yet, I heard they were doing showings this week so maybe it will be avail in person here soon. I hope so.

  5. thanks hayley! i will keep checking back on their blog.
    i have to make the tough decision of pink or black now!
    im thinking they should give you one for free for advertising on your blog ;)

  6. I love hair bows!!! They are so sweet

  7. On Feels Like White Lightning there was a tutorial on how to make a fake hair bow:

    I LOVE those shoes!

  8. Guess who just found an excuse to grow her long hair back!

  9. and the fact that there are so many sales going on right now really sucks when you have no money.
    maybe u have to go work at maccas or coles. maybe coles will be better because you are vegetarian?
    OH I really wanna get a job at boost juice. HAHA.

    petal to the metal necklace is AMAAAZING. AHH i'm excited to see the RWB !

  10. I only check your blog when I need a self esteem boost and once again, it's worked a treat so thanks!
    The only thing trashier than Lady Gaga is possibly you. I cannot comprehend how someone as stylish as Kat George could consider being in close proximity to you, unless to make herself look better in comparison. Which I doubt she would. She seems lovely.
    Maybe I shall send her a copy of this, as it will no doubt never reach your comments page after you've read it. And I am not shadowingd myself under a veil of anonymity- I just dont have a blog account.
    Most importantly H, you should really watch what you say in public places, particularly when people you try to suck up to are nearby! Doesn't reflect well at all, does it?
    Shame the facehunter or sartorialist never featured you.
    Ta-ta for now!

  11. wow her hair is amazing!i'll have to try it!

  12. Lady Gaga is totally fabo and if I was a girl I'd want to look like her too!

  13. that bandage top is freaking gorgeous..i want it!


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