Monday, June 1, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis party time!!!

No I didn't turn 15, I turned 25. Henry could only find the numbers 1 and 5 though. Also notice how he put the 1 backwards, gotta love it when he plays silly buggers. Yay for cheap $4 Coles cake.

Pink hair death stare with Kat from Style Lines in the background eating the yummy Coles birthday cake.

Chris from Corky Saint Clare and my sister Ebony get acquainted.

Tony and his pal came to take us to the "Huge Secret Warehouse Party" on Little Lonsdale Street, which was amazing. I didn't stay that long as I was still feeling sick which sucks, I'm nearly always sick on my birthday as it falls right when it starts to get cold which is a trigger for my asthma. The party was a house party with bouncers on the door (insane) and a secret password to get in. If I wasn't sick I would have stayed all night.

Party people Tin and Estelle hug.

Henry hates having his photo taken.

Bennedict and his signature pose.

Marvellous Mia with her amazing hair and make-up.

Group shot with Bennedict in the background and John on the bottom right.

Stylist Ryan Lobo strikes a pose.

Bespectacled Matt and a friend.

Amazing hair on a girl whose jumper I once wore but now I forget her name, I'm terrible like that.

I cannot believe I am 25. I am so old, I'm in my mid twenties heading towards my late twenties. When am I ever going to be an adult though? With a house, kids and a career (I'll take any job right now though). By my age my mum had 1 child (me). I don't think I'll have any for another 10 years, and even that seems too soon. Maybe I just feel old because I go to Uni with a bunch of wrinkle free 18 year olds, who don't know Dylan Lewis and didn't live in the 80's at all?


  1. here here! I am nearly 27 and I am going to uni with a bunch of WAY younger people. I keep making references to things that NO ONE GETS! I just want to sit them down with a pop culture video and try and tutor them through the 80s. I brought up fast forward the other day and they were all "???" *sigh*

    In other news... Happy Birthday! x

  2. Happy Birthday for the weekend, Hayley! 25 is my favourite number so I know it's going to be an awesome year for you (things are happening for you!!). Your hair looks awesome - I definitely like the soft pink more than say, the rockstar pink, so well done on the dye job! Sorry that your asthma was giving you troubles!

  3. Happy birthday Hayley! As Marilyn said in "Some Like it Hot" - "25 years old. Makes a girl think!". You're going to love it - it just keeps on getting better from here. Should I add that Oscar Wilde quipped "Youth is wasted on the young"?

  4. Oh Hayley that looks like such a fun night, I wish we'd come! You look gorgeous! xox

  5. happy birthday and congrats on your latest shoot - i'm really excited to see the end results. and i LOVE the pink!

  6. Oh Hayley! I had fun drinking and gossiping with you and Ebony, we should do it more often! Thanks for having me... Although you can tell I'm mostly just scoffing my face in that picture! xx

    Ps I had another cheeseburger after the warehouse party... A double cheeseburger! Sigh!

  7. happy birthday hayley! good to see you! x
    ps: i knew there was something pink in your hair, i thought it was just me hallucinating but apparently no.. haha

  8. I am so bummed I missed it! Looks so fun. And your hair looks great! Is it still pink?

  9. hey hayley, thanks for inviting me to your bday, i had heaps of fun!
    xx chris

  10. I think everyone thinks they are old when they are 25, it's one of those ages. In your early 20s you're still close to being a teenager.

    I'm way, way, way over 25 and I still don't know when I'm going to be an adult :D

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY LADY! I love your hair. Lots of love x

  12. Happy birthday! Did you make it to karaoke? I wish I'd come but I didn't make it, looks as though I missed some crazy hair do's!
    Hope you had fun and feel better,

  13. happy birthday! hope you had a great day but where is the RWB cape?! im desperate to see it!!!

  14. Happy Birhtday sis! Had a ball of fun that day and night with you! The shoot was really fun to watch and all your friends are lovely!
    love Ebs
    xo xo

  15. cheap coles cakes are the BEST! the caramel ones is sooo good too.
    gah! i need to copy mia's makeup. if i could even put eyeliner on without crying...

    you feeling better now?

  16. LOVE your hair...perfect shade...i did a post on pink hair a few weeks ago...and those $4cakes....yummmmmmmm.

  17. great party pictures.
    being an adult is overrated anyway. not to mention boring! x

  18. Sweet thing! Your hair looks AMAZING! Sorry I couldn't make it - it was my best buddys last weekend in Melbs before returning home to Sweden and she had going away drinks blah blah - anywayz looks like you had an awesome time and I will join you in being a scarey 25 soon! xxx

  19. You know a large chunk of my friends???? Strange how I've never met you before? O I love your hair btw. I adore cotton candy hair and you have the right shade. Some folk go and tint such a bright pink! Ugh it's way OTT. Yours it dandy, totally stunning!


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