Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Featured Anon Comment of the Month

I only check your blog when I need a self esteem boost and once again, it's worked a treat so thanks!
The only thing trashier than Lady Gaga is possibly you. I cannot comprehend how someone as stylish as Kat George could consider being in close proximity to you, unless to make herself look better in comparison. Which I doubt she would. She seems lovely.
Maybe I shall send her a copy of this, as it will no doubt never reach your comments page after you've read it. And I am not shadowingd myself under a veil of anonymity- I just dont have a blog account.
Most importantly H, you should really watch what you say in public places, particularly when people you try to suck up to are nearby! Doesn't reflect well at all, does it?
Shame the facehunter or sartorialist never featured you.
Ta-ta for now!

Gotta love cyber bullies. Especially jealous ones.
First of all Kat is my friend who just so happens to think I am stylish. If what you actually mean is that I'm fat and therefore can't be stylish or beautiful I'll beg to differ with you, as would a lot of my readers, friends and husband.
Secondly I love Lady Gaga and I love trashiness so that's actually a complement.
Thirdly I have no idea what your talking about when you say I'm bad mouthing people in public. That doesn't sound like me, and I certainly don't suck up to anyone as far as I'm aware.
Last of all I never actually expected to be photographed by the beauty police, Yvan or Scott, as what they are looking for is traditionally beautiful (read skinny) women in expensive outfits (in Yvan's case its mostly women he wants to f@#k). I have however been photographed by street photographers who are interested in style alone, such as Phil Oh from (will be on the site soon) and Daisuke from Drop Snap and Rei Shito from Style from Tokyo (formerly from Fruits)

Not to mention recently being drawn by the talented Montgomery Today

So yeah, some people do think I'm stylish. It's not a great loss to me if you think otherwise, but there is no need for all that hate and jealousy.


  1. Hey Hayley,

    I hate it when people use the annonymity of the internet to hide behind - especially when it's such a personal attack. I have had my fair share of hate mail, and I've even found threads on forums about me and my site - people love to hate.

    In my case, I love your website and check it daily. I happen to know that quite a few peeps in the Perth fashion industry love your style too... so I hope this nasty comment rolls off you like water off a duck's back.

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  3. I have never left a comment before, even after reading your blog for a year now, but i have to say today YOU ARE FABULOUS.
    Whoever posted that is clearly not.
    cheers to the great blog!

  4. Come'on...the only thing worse than a Anon hater is an uninspired and lazy hater. Every cyber troll knows you don't need a blog account to post comments on a blog!

    Keep on truckin' honeyface.

  5. What a douchebag. Clearly just jealous that you get recognized for being a hot and stylish individual. You obviously work hard, follow your passion, have talent, and are carving a place for yourself in the local fashion world, all off your own bat. Good on you. Idiots like that can bitch all they want, but it won't take away from your success, or make them any more successful if they just don't got it! Just keep doing what you do best and let them live in their hateful world - I bet it's not a very nice place to be.

  6. Worst thing about the Internet is the bullying by the world's fucked-up crazies. You have a great attitude. And I don't consider anything a true street-style blog that bores me everyday with models, editors and other people wearing the latest Balmain for free....

  7. Yeah of course she feels a self-esteem boost - putting someone down around your crotch is a pretty effective way to make yourself feel tall.

    Shame, it must suck to be her.

  8. Nothing like a gutless anonymous poster. Kudos for you for turning it around and make them look like the pathetic fool that they are. Don't change, we like you as you are :)

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  10. Hayley you're great.
    I love your style and the way you express your individuality so keep at it!
    I have a figure much the same as yours and you've given me the guts to go out and wear the clothes I've always wanted to. That in itself makes you priceless

  11. oh hayley i love you and your site. whoever wrote that is a coward. you have guts to wear what you do and look fab doing it. you are an inspiration. i check your site daily and will continue to do so.

  12. Hayley're totally cool. Maybe some people just dont get your style, which I think is stupid..because to me style shouldn't be about names, but about creativity and taste. You have much more of a Japanese approach to the way you think about dressing, and for me thats really interesting.

    Dont change who you are. You have a fan base because you are true to your creative and real self. Its a bummer people even have to be like that. I really dont understand people like that...?

    ..And honestly, Im really really bored with the facehunter lately

  13. This is shit, and I'm sorry you had to deal with this kind of hate. This is exactly the reason I hated the blogosphere so much. Comments like this, as much as you try, do have an effect on self confidence and I only hope you can rise above it.


  14. glad to see that you already know that the people who actually have taste know that you are absolutely fabulous, innovative, and stylish as hell.
    and even tho you say you like trashy, i've always thought your pictures showed a certain grace that goes along with a healthy dose of kitsch and makes everything you wear work.

  15. haha what a douche.
    i love your tubbies
    (i think thats what their called)

  16. Hello,
    I am a bit of a lurker of your blog really, i haven't commented before but its on my google reader so i look at every post.
    Not to sound too stalkerish or anything :p

    I can't believe that someone would write that. People Suck!

    I'm pleased you've written back, and i really hope you haven't taken any of it to heart. I love what you wear and write and i think your blog is great.

    Keep blogging and ignore the stupid people.


  17. Hayley, i read your blog religiously and have even shamelessly asked one of my closest friends who just moved to melb to go to whitehouse (i live in adelaide) to go up to you at school and tell her that i love your style! - (she pointblank refused, but thats not my point :P)

    i hope my stalkerish ways convince you that those anonymous haters are not fit to be the dirt underneath your stylish shoes!

  18. dude i rememeber getting awful comments like that sometimes on fash rash, and no matter what you say it always makes you feel just a little bit shit.
    just remember that the type of person who writes trash like that and won't even take responsibility for it by signing their name is a silly, nasty, cuntbag.

  19. Man, I would never have handled something like that as well as you have, you are too good!

    people are stupid, you are amazing! But I do agree about Lady Gaga - Yick!

  20. i think you're gorgeous and style is one to be envied - end of story! so don't worry. it's all gravy, baby :)

  21. fuck them hayley, there will always be people like that in the world... i too put up with A LOT of that shit with thirdbest...

    You know you're an amazing, unique individual with a killer style that is totally your own!

    Just hold your head up high and keep getting on with your shit. In the end, they are only wasting their own time.


  22. Good for you Hayley! As a (nice) anonymous poster above said - You are fabulous! Don't ever let anyone make you feel different.

    We need people like you, with great style to show the rest of us how to do it - speaking of which, when are you going to come and visit my shop? I want to see you in some of my great vintage!

  23. All I can say is "God Heather! What's your damage?!"
    (yes, too much 1980's film watching)

  24. fuck those haters. i'm glad you posted the comment and stood up for yourself.
    i think everyone else has said what i was gonna say...
    but you know that you ARE stylish right? hah. i'm sure you know that. don't ever doubt it.

  25. wtf, we all think you are great- keep up the good work

  26. I actually think the email bothered you. Why put it out therr for all the insipids to comment on... to make yourself feel better?

  27. What a total fucking loser that person must be! You're a deadset legend and super stylist and we all love you.

    I think the dumbest thing they wrote was "how could a stylish person like that be near someone like you." or whatever it was, like stylish people don't ever want to be near anyone who's not stylish (not that you arent' but you know what I'm saying) or something. That's a level of shallowness that's hard to comprehend. News flash anon commenter fuckhead - humans are capable of having more desirable attributes than mere stylishness! Things like kindness, intelligence, creativity, wit etc etc which are obviously all foreign to our anon there.

  28. " I have no idea what your talking about when you say I'm bad mouthing people in public."

    "...the beauty police [Yvan]... are looking for [skinny] women in expensive outfits (in Yvan's case its mostly women he wants to f@#k). "

    Correct me if I'm wrong, and your statement about Yvan was sarcasm, but that seems a little rude to call someone out like that. Even if he "is a bit of a man slut and knows it", it's kind of inappropriate. People unwary of the context or relationship between you - wherein that statement may be an injoke or humerous statement - might recognize it as the aforementioned 'bad mouthing'.

    No ill will to you, Hayley: just pointing out my confusion. Things can be easily misconstrued and lead to those sorts of anonymous comments, we all have to be wary of it (and I thought everyone would leave all of this behind in high school!).

  29. Hate only acts to make the love feel sweeter.

  30. Hayley,

    Don't even bother paying attention to that silly person whoever they were.

    I'm convinced you're fun, spunky, cute and rocking and we've never even met.

    Keep your head up miss!

  31. odd how your blog could illicit such an unprovoked attack!

    i suggest the only thing trashier than caring about what fashion bloggers do is bashing them on the internet.. i'm confused. the way this person writes implies they've seen you out and about in Melbourne, yet felt they had to bring it up anonymously on the web rather than say something to your face. and even so, all they manage to do is make themselves look stupid and pathetic by making base assumptions about your relationships and style.

  32. Hayley, I've already said this to you but don't get the bastards get you down. I would really like to know who anonymous is, and I'm puzzled as to why I don't seeing as they said they don't mind being known.

    Anyway, the main point is Lady Gaga is fabulous and so are you, you're peas in a pod.

    And I don't just like hanging out with you cos you're stylish. I like you because you're hialariously funny, smart, strong willed and ballsy, not to mention incredibly creative and honest.

    Just keep on keeping on, and hope that all the horrible people in the world are just left to decay in their little loathsome holes.


  33. Deaaaaaaaaaaar Hayley.
    My name is Tahlia. =D
    The person who has said this to you is daft. I understand that you already would have a lot of comments saying such...
    But I'll continue.

    I agree that Yvan is a bit of a shallow prick (sorry! to anyone who doesnt agree!!!!!) and reading his blog never fails to make me feel like shit.

    YOU, are gorgeous. And are a fucking role model.
    I once saw you in 7/11 on Swanston St. You looked lovely!

    annnnddd I'm going to be quiet now. =]

    Your loyal reader,

  34. Your blog is one of my favourites, & as I'm sure all these lovely comments have already said, it's because you have fantastic style & are generally awesome. Much love! xox

  35. What a revolting and sad individual to write such a hurtful comment. Enjoy your life Hayley that person obviously isn't enjoying theirs.
    I always enjoy reading your blog.
    All the best

  36. Oh gosh!
    This person does not deserve ANY of your blog space. Honestly, delete comment and never feel like you have to prove yourself! Long time readers (or recent ones who have looked through your archives) will know that you wouldn't bad-mouth/suck-up to others.
    Maybe your "sucking-up" is wrongly interpreted appreciation/gushing, as you seem to be really enthusiastic about designers/new talent/street photographers, etc. There is nothing wrong with being open about the things that give you pleasure.
    Clearly though this person has some sort of strange animosity towards you which they felt the need to share. There is a part of them that is so opposed to you that they exerted energy on creating bad vibes. It's laughable to imagine this sad case sitting behind the facade of their computer/laptop screen, tapping away at their keys - just to leave an impression on you.
    I am not opposed to you deleting/screening out hateful comments. Why let that exist in your world? Delete, Delete...easy!
    Just be yourself Hayley!!! :)

  37. Wow thanks everyone for all your lovely comments. Obviously struck a nerve with everyone.

    TK, about the Yvan comment, I guess that does seem a bit mean, but I've said it to his face, and have read it on other blogs by people that know far as I'm aware he kinda likes the reputation that he is a model fucker? What guy wouldn't like that rep?

    Anyway I know there will always be haters out there, and this is definitely not my first anon hate comment. Its just the first to have claimed to have seen me out in Melbourne. That's the only bit that really freaked me out. I'm not going to quit blogging by any means, it just is another reminder that I'm putting myself well and truly out there and not everyone is going to love what I do. Walking around Melbourne I'm going to be watching my back.

    Also Skye put it way more gracefully than me
    "I think the dumbest thing they wrote was "how could a stylish person like that be near someone like you." or whatever it was, like stylish people don't ever want to be near anyone who's not stylish (not that you arent' but you know what I'm saying) or something. That's a level of shallowness that's hard to comprehend. News flash anon commenter fuckhead - humans are capable of having more desirable attributes than mere stylishness! Things like kindness, intelligence, creativity, wit etc etc which are obviously all foreign to our anon there"

    Well said Fred!

  38. What a bitch, I'd love to say that's the worst comment ever but sadly I've recieved worse.

    I think the best thing to do is just ignore it.

    I think you're stylish and a fantastic blogger who I aspire and look up to.


  39. well, whoever that was is an idiot, because you are fantastic and i truly admire you. you are pretty much living my dream! be proud of everything you do and don't ever let judgemental losers get you down (though you probably don't need to be told that) :P

  40. hayley your comment about yvan only photographing women that he wants to fuck totally made my day!
    you're awesome! keep up the great blog :)

  41. Anon obviously has a reason to go and post a comment like that. Haters aren't haters for no reason. But i bet you can't wait for another nasty comment so you can fish for some more complements from your army of indies. with love, lady gaga

  42. Darling, you shouldn't give wankers like that the satisfaction of getting attention from something so childish. What is this, highschool?
    Besides don't take it personally, she is probably cranky because the last "meal" she had was a handful of shredded lettuce - five days ago.

    If the c*nt who posted the anon comment reads this, do realise that you are a fucking hypocrite. The only "trashy" one here is YOU for slagging off someone you don't know for no reason other than the need for a self esteem boost.

  43. Urgh, nothing like an anonymous internet troll! But where there are haters there are going to be lovers!! And look how many comments there are!! <3

    She sounded like someone who's actually met you.... hmmm....

    I think you're awesome, Hayley!

  44. fuck the haters hayley! u r the best! xx

  45. Oh lil hayles,

    I read your blog every day at work. You even snapped my freind Andy for Melb street fashion at Feashion week. She knows I love your blog and came running up to tell me how unabashadly sweet and adorable you are. You didn't start a blog to be some sort of bastion of what is and isn't stylish- I never see you having a go at someone whose style isn't the same as yours. In fact you seem to be one of the few that just loves fashion- not the way fashion can make you feel superior. So yeah, this crazy anon kid has to let go of the random bitterness and you just keep on smiling hayley cos your fans love you for it.

  46. hayley!
    you brighten my day so much!!!
    i'm so glad you came up to Kati and I after you saw us on the train back from Footscray (and recognized Kati from Tokyo) or I wouldn't have met you!!
    and then what would i be doing?!?!?
    x x x x x x x x x x x xx <3
    keep it up, babe, you and yr blog are totally loved!!!
    x x x <3

  47. Hey Hayley!
    All I can really add is that I agree with almost all the above sentiments - you are awesome, you do your thing & you do it proudly & to the highest quality.
    I don't think you need to watch your back around Melbourne - just do what you do. The karma will come back to the negs & you don't even need to dish it -let the universe or whatever do that bit!
    Loving your work Hayley.

  48. I'm sorry you have to put up with those kinds of things! It must be a little hard even though you have so much love and support surrounding you.

    Keep doing what you do with no apologies! xox

  49. Attention seekers..... they can strike anywhere.

    Just stay safe Hayley.
    There are some utter nutt jobs around....


  50. What a bad, bad egg.

    Don't let 'it' upset you. x

  51. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I have to say it's great to a) find a style blog by an Australian and b) see a non-skinny woman share and flaunt her style... keep it up Hayley :)

  52. I love your outfit and the sketch is amazing! --I think your blog is really quirky and cool and I'd really appreciate if you would PLEASE become a follower on mine - - and comment on my posts

  53. That person is gross, just so gross and obviously miserable. Hayley I LOVE your blog, I check it everyday... Your beauty shines so brightly in everything you say and every photo you post... Keep shining bright beautiful girl xoxoxo

  54. ok ok settle down kids. its was me. lol XOXO T

  55. you know you've made it once you get haters. love your blog, don't ever stop. x

  56. I've been checking your blog for months now and confidence and creativity oozes out of your photos. This person is obviously lack lustre and intimidated by such creativity and can only display their personal shame through mediocre jealous bullying. keep up the inspiring work!

  57. Bullying on the internet and posting as anonymous is really low. Best thing to do now is to become even more famous than you already are and rub it back in their face :)

  58. ugh fuck the haters.people are sad. I love you - that is all ♥

  59. There's always going to be haters when you put yourself out there and share your ideas, but they're just jealous and petty. Being mean is so unconstructive. Anyway, Hayley, you are AMAZING! I love your style and your blog is a daily read for me. You are unique and creative, and inspiring!

  60. JUST IGNORE HER, there's freaking idiots everywhere and (most of all) in fashion, or people that think they're working in fashion or think they're fashionable because they're skinny.
    to the hater: wohoo so what, you're a size 6 and a tiny midget and you look hot in shorts? that doesn't make you fashionable! and that doesn't allow you to be rude! if you don't want to read, just don't, no one is forcing you... next time you want to waste some time, just go out play with your immature blonde barbie friends and don't come annoy people that have a real interest in what they do.

  61. "...photographed by the beauty police, Yvan or Scott, as what they are looking for is traditionally beautiful (read skinny) women in expensive outfits..."


    I have nothing more to add!

  62. Yeah, I don't know you but I've seen you out in the city too, around Degraves St. You have to admit, you are hard to miss ;)

  63. haters to the left!
    boo to all those internet trolls
    they're all crass and no class
    this comment is a little late but
    re: gay bash door bitch outfit = sexcellent! :P
    keep it up hon!

    xx amie

  64. another lurker but staunch supporter...that person is really really really crap. your creativity constantly inspires me!

  65. I hv been an avid reader of your blog.. but hv nver posted any comments.. but for this, yes.. I must have my are fabulous! you go! girl....
    forget those haters.... I love your creativity and style and personality that seems to ooze infectious styling tips to me! heee...

  66. Hayley, you rule. Cyberbullies suck ass especially when they launch their attacks anonymously. If your opinion is so important attach your name to it!

  67. Hi Hayley,
    (first time sorry for my english I am a french girl)
    I discover your blog, and love it!! really, you're so stylish!
    I had your blog on my blogroll. If you have time, have a look to my fashion plus size blog.
    Bye bye


  69. yeahh nah sorry. you have no style and your up yourself... and fat. not a good mix.. maybe food styling??

  70. i cant believe all this.
    people are so crazy
    hayley, u know how many blog hits you get a day ( i assume) so you know you have a big fan base who loves your style!
    ...but its so hard to ignore haters.
    :( i hope people like that will never stop you blogging.

  71. that's awful - no wonder they decided to stay anonymous. don't believe a word they said!

  72. Kia ora - Greetings from New Zealand.
    Just a note to say i love your style and read your blog all the time.
    Great to see some individuality!
    As for the cow who wrote that barb - how pathetic!

  73. does this mean you had a falling-out with yvan?

  74. Alright in all honesty i think you have fabulous clothes, and you know fashion like a sister, BUT, you try too hard. not saying its a bad or good thing. just sayin.
    and yes some things you wear are unflattering for your size, but on the other hand you do where cool stuff even though of your size.

    so all in all, you have nice clothes, you know heck of a lot about fashion, BUT, youre not a natural, you TRY. and i think you care way too much what we think. so seriously who gives a fk what they or me think, buy those flares if YOU want to. STOP CARING SO MUCH AND TRYING.

    i still love you and ur cute, but just some tips.

    and you know what, maybe i dont have the right to be telling you this, after all i dont personally know you. but this is how you come off.


  75. I think that you and your sycophantic followers can't digest negative comments. People are not all going to like you. People also have the right to express their opinion without being slammed by your bevy of eager followers. I admit that the writer of that comment was rude to personally insult you, just as your followers have slammed him/her. The language of some of your fans is crude and downright feral. The world is not made out of cotton candy, no, it is a place which can be dark. Ying and yang I'm guessing.

    Your style is too Japanese street and in my opinion the only people who look good in it are the Japanese. Most western women are too curvy for androgynous fashion. You end up looking all bumps and lumps.

  76. What a horrible person. It's kind of funny, though, because being compared to Lady Gaga isn't a bad thing at all. Ha. I think you're really nice and super awesome and I like your hair and clothes. Not crazy about the outfit in this particular post, but I almost always think you wear interesting, flattering, unique stuff and you wear it well. Don't let rude, anonymous posters get you down.
    Water off a ducks back.

  77. I'm not a Hayley defender by any means, I'm just questioning the reasoning behind some of your comments.

    Lital: Why shouldn't she wear kickarse clothings that are NOT flattering for her size? If you're really passionate about fashion (to the point of being a nerd about it and making a career out of it) then wearing clothes only to make your figure appear better is like putting up art on your wall just because they match your furniture. It's actually more shallow and vain, I think, to wear other people's creations (i.e. objects created with effort and creativity instead of assembly-line items) just to make yourself look "hawtt" or whatever.

    Richardfitzme: Hey, the nasty anon commenters struck first, so it's only fair for Hayley and her supporters to lash back with equally "crude and downright feral" comments. Eye for an eye in this so-called dark world and all.

    Hayley fans: Harsh criticism/blatant insults aren't always made out of jealousy. Maybe the haters actually do think Hayley's style and appearance repulsive? (Not my own opinion, I'm fine with her) I mean, most of the time I hate someone, I truly despise them and I want none of the things they have. When I say I hate Fred Phelps, do you really think it's possible that I secretly covet his gay-bashing fundamentalist lifestyle?

  78. Dear anon,

    You can tell that you don't have a high achieving life. Why lower yourself to the level of scum? Obviously if you do then you are scum to begin with.

  79. Ewww sorry but I don't buy an 'eye for an eye.' You sound like a creepy terrorist or something. I think that if Hayley was to get around in a pair of shorty shorts, fishnets, and tiny crop top then you would be writing the opposite. You can't wear that garb unless you are stick thin or a really trampy hooker. You have to allow size to enter the equation otherwise you have something which people will ridicule. So don't be a moron and tell Hayley she can wear whatever because in the end it is Hayley who receives hate mail.
    Why are so many anons total losers?
    I'm going to restart my blog again so I hope you will come over and have a nice old fashioned argument.

  80. I second "anonymous" YOU ARE FANTASTIC! keep up the great work and love the blog, love x

  81. hi hayley,

    i've been reading your blog for the past few months and like you, i am in a curvy side. after reading your blog and following your style tips, i became more confident on wearing clothes and try to eliminate the cliche' that just because your plus size it doesn't mean that we should live wearing muhmuh tops and kaftans.
    thank you for inspiration and i think that you are very stylish.

  82. honey i am so sorry that you have to deal with such juvenille and rude comments. but i am really proud that you can face the negativity front on and be brave enough to reject the ridiculous claims. i rekkon it takes such spunk and postivity to focus on the deluge of positive things people say about you - the truth. its human nature to only take critisism to heart and dwell on it and i applaude you for being strong enough to turn your back on it (although i'm sure it still hurts and lingers in your down times). You are increadibly talented and super stylish and your positive attitude will see your star continute to rise xxxxx

  83. This arguement is so stupid...if you don't like Hayley then don't read her blog. There sre far bigger and far more important issues in the world than a cat fight. And as long as Hayley feels comfortable in what she wears then she will ALWAYS look stylish.

  84. This is fucking awful! Kat just pointed this post out to me (haven't caught up on my heaving Bloglines yet...) and I'm absolutely appalled.... we've never met but if you ever came to London or if I ever came to Melbourne, I'd be the first to come and scarily try and befriend you and tell you what a fantastic blogger you are....
    You are amazing and high up there on the Aussie blogs that I read.... the comment just makes no bloody sense in the first place and just seems to be snarky for the sake of being snarky...

  85. What an interesting afternoon this has made! The comments after were almost just as hilarious as the "Anon"'s rants... loved the entertainment factor..
    I love how she seems to worship the ground Kat walks on, thinking you are not worthy of her time!

    In conclusion, all hail Lady GaGa

  86. мне очень нравится твой стиль!!
    ты супер!! )


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