Monday, June 15, 2009

Comeback Kid

My friends Pat and Greta, who have featured on this blog a fair bit, have opened up a menswear store in the city called Comeback Kid. It opened a week ago but the official opening party isn't until this coming Thursday 18th of June. I haven't been down since they opened due to having Bronchitis for the last week, honestly I have been sick on and off for the last 3 weeks, but this bout was the worst so far. I've now missed a lot of Uni, have loads of work to catch up on and no time. So yeah hopefully I will be well enough for this party, it's something I have been looking forward to for a long time, I'm so excited for Pat and Greta, and I really want to see the finished shop fit out.

For an idea of what they stock at Comeback Kid just take a look at the shoot I coordinated for Melbourne Street Most of the menswear was infact from Comeback Kid.

Some of these pieces can easily be worn by both sexes, so don't be afraid that its a menswear shop, androgyny is in after all. I wouldn't mind wearing the red Orri Henrisson jacket in the last pic myself.

Also wow the comments from my last post have blown me away. Thank you everyone. I just want to point out it didn't really bother me except for the fact that they had apparently seen me out and about. Sometimes I worry if I put too much out there. Not that I'm going to stop blogging, but maybe I'll be less personal? Who knows, but for now I'm just trying to get better!


  1. that guy is amazing
    who is it?

  2. Did you do the photography Hayley? It's superb.
    Nice work!

  3. i hope you are feeling better.
    being on/off sick must suck. pat and greta are often in your party photos yes?

  4. Hi Hayley,
    Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday night! Hope you are feeling better by then so you can celebrate well into the night with us!

  5. Just put your shoulders back and hold your head high in photos. Your outfits may look better if they don't appear condensed. I know you appear hunched over because you feel insecure but really Hayley if you photograph yourself then do it with pride. There is NOTHING wrong with being bigger and I think you need to realize this. I have blogged about you but I never realized that people where emailing you with such unnecessary scathing comments. Totally over-the-line.
    Do yourself justice and style with pride, people will still mock you but that is just human nature. If you put yourself out there then you have to be willing to take criticism. People will always be judgmental, and they will hone in on ANY flaw they can find.

    I hope you feel well again and having asthma and bronchitis is certainly a challenge in winter.

  6. Oh my lord you can't be serious about the Henrisson jacket? Steer clear of androgynous styles otherwise it will triple your womanly curves and turn your silhouette into a relief map of Switzerland. I'm not trying to be mean and I also know you wont post my comment. I am just trying to be constructive dear.

  7. why is that richard fitz guy so obsessed with giving you good style advice lolz , if you don't like the way she dresses don't read this blog...seriously

  8. richardfitzme=hardcore cunt


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