Sunday, May 10, 2009

I realised I forgot to name this post

Phil Oh, from Street Peeper was in town this week and it was the first time for me to meet him. He is so lovely, one the nicest street photographers I have met! And I have now met quite a few hey? Yvan from Face Hunter, Rei formally from FRUiTS and now Style from Tokyo, Scott from The Sartorialist, Garance from Garance Dore, Daisuke from Drop Snap and Gallermic from The Fashion Ramone who I miss so much, living with him in Tokyo was so fun and I really miss his blog, but he is also no longer in Tokyo. Gah feeling sad again. Tokyo will never be the same without him.

Anyway, I got side tracked there for a minute. My point was I hung out with Phil while he was down. We just talked fashion, the difference between Melbourne, Sydney and the rest of the world in terms of style and brands, oh and about Susie Bubble (well at least I asked him a million questions about her, obsessed stalker much???). We also went "shooting together" and he would ask them something like "are those shoes Marni?" and I would be like "don't even ask that, no they are not Marni we are in Australia, they are from Savers!!!" lolz. Honestly though I think that is the thing that kills the street photographers who come from o/s when they are here, no one is in labels. Like maybe a few here and there but not to the same extent that they are in London, New York, Paris etc where these guys usually shoot. That is why they always seem to struggle at first, working out what is actually good style without it being all about the label. People in Melbourne seem to mainly wear Op shop and local Australian designer. At least that is what I have noticed after taking hundreds of photos and asking where all their clothes are from.

Anyway remember I said Phil was nice? Guess what he managed to get me? The AMAZING Alpha 60 pleat scarf I have wanted forever and ever (just ask Yvan, he knows all about me wanting this scarf, when I twittered that I got it he twittered back "finally" lolz, tell me about it!)

Love love love this scarf.

Here I am in all my scarf glory. People all day kept asking me if I was a designer, which was funny. I was just wearing all black plus my new amazing Alpha60 scarf. What is it with all black that screams designer?

Yesterday was such a weird and eventful day. I don't think I can really express how crazy it was. So much is going on, I have a new shoot I'm styling so I had meetings all morning about that, then the search for clothes was on. I met up with Kat for lunch which was so nice, haven't seen her in ages. Then I went shopping with my friend Olivia from Uni, which turned into meeting an artist who was having a show in a crazy amazing uber designed apartment in a laneway in the city. I really should have taken photos of how designed this apartment was but there was a bookshelf that was actually a door to the bedroom and a commercial looking kitchen that apparently people from Master Chef cooked on for the exhibition opening.

Here is me, William the artist and Olivia. Their photos will soon be up on Melbourne Street because they are so stylish.

Later on we all went to Matt and Milo's amazing wedding themed 10 year anniversary party.

How amazing do they look?

I loved Ryan's half girl half man outfit soooo much. When I was a kid I always used to draw half men half that normal?

The happy couple.

There were so many amazing outfits, I wish I got photos of everyone. I regretfully didn't dress up apart from wearing a veil with my regular day clothes, so I officially let "Fashion Hayley" down...whatever that means, lolz.


  1. OMG all those 'wedding themed' outfits look so amazing!
    And I'm going GAGA for your scarf... yeah it's weird that all black + something eccentric = fashion designer.


  2. Plus you have that style and panache that screams designer.

    So that helps. :)


  3. Great photos Hayley! And I adore that scarf on you: no wonder they thought you were a designer. It's a signature piece that looks really good on you, wear it lots!

  4. thank god i found you. i was about to give up reading blogs coz it seems like its the same girl in the same dress over and over and over.... but now i found you and you're different and thank you for that.

  5. i tried that scarf on at alphaville a while ago when i was pretending to be rich and stylish - i love it so much!

  6. You work that scarf perfectly. I know I'm all about black but this is easily one of my favourite outfits for you. Waah I want one!

    And how fun does that wedding party look?!

  7. You look brilliant - that scarf looks amazing on you.

  8. ohhhh so jealous, have been wanting that scarf since kat featured it on her blog (she has one too). looks ace on u - u wear it much better than that dummy in the pro mo shot. party looks fun - great theme

  9. Sweet! Phil is in Melbourne now? Good gosh, he must have money, he travels the world all the time. I wish I could do that.

    Yea, that's one thing I don't like about some American cities with the labels honestly..Well, for me I guess its because people in Oklahoma City don't spend that kind of money on clothes, usually. Mostly because most people wouldn't even know the name. Fashionable people here do a lot of their own thing, or thrift a lot, and mix it up.

    I just think its sad when something is good because of the name or the price. Its totally status..but I'm not gonna lie, a lot of time the designer stuff is just so much better.

  10. This scarf is really cool indeed!

  11. what a beautiful scarf!!
    and i looooove those boots your friend olivia is wearing, ive been looking for boots like that everywhere!!

  12. Ahh! it is true! We do know all the same people from Phil to the halfie Lobo!
    Cannot believe I missed that! Great photo evidence!

  13. i would have totally killed phil oh with questions about susie bubble too!
    scarf looks AMAZING on you.

    hahahah you actually look rather designer ish.and the wedding theme is brilliant.

  14. wowo that scarf is capitol AMAZING

  15. I've been looking for a cardi like Phil's for ages...all cardi's at the mo are either crops, long or belted.

  16. So nice to meet you Hayley!

    And I really love your site ;)

    Going to do some drawings for you and Olivia.


  17. Ryan Lobo is a fox!

    That scarf would make any outfit! Mega love.

  18. scarf looks really really good on you, so versatile, gives nice structure [reminds me of my MJ silk top].


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