Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Es Trella

I am on a shopping ban at the moment from Henry which kills me as this top needs to be mine. Fringe + studs + comfy and warm = love.

This leather cage top is to die for. Its something The Foxyman would wear well.

Such "on trend" shoulders.

Sheer panels are so sexy. You need to have a killer body to work this dress.


Fringe heaven

Es Trella is the label by the girlfriend of amazing shoe designer Tristian Blair, both of whom are stocked at Lady boutique in the city. The shoes and clothes go so well together, its almost like they were created by the one person as a whole collection rather than two separate lines, but maybe love has something to do with it? It's so sweet really.

Last time I was at Lady the pieces were flying of the shelf so quickly Petrova couldn't keep up, so you have to get in quick. I know that as soon as I walked in and saw the pieces my heart started beating faster and I wanted to buy everything in sight. Damn that shopping ban being imposed on me by Henry (well seeing as I have no job and it is his money I am spending it is fair enough, but still we are married so doesn't that count for something?)


  1. i love the cage top and the sheerish dress.
    never heard of es trella before.

  2. i'm aching for the sheer cut out dress

  3. everything is amazing! and so YOU!
    i love it (-:

  4. omgg i want that cropped jacket with the shoulders! where abouts is that shop? Is the price range affordable or $$$$$ :( so sadd i hope your ban stops soon!! x

  5. Morning Hayley!! I rrrruuuuuvvv the mesh dress!

    I gave your blog an award! yayyyy

    Ash :)


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