Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Neo Goth loves to shop

Recently I have been feeling Neo Goth...I'm already over black and white and I'm all about texture and layering in black so some shopping was in order.
How amazing is the feather vest? It's from Scarlet & Sly in Fitzroy for $79.95.
I wore it over my Savers $6 velvet dress I bought last winter and I teamed it with my studded Zara belt from Japan for $80 and a chain link necklace I made last week. The lip and nail colour is thanks to my local nice Priceline staff, who give me freebies all the time (Ummmm I am in there every day, and when I was away for the month in Japan and went back in they all said they had missed me) Honestly its crazy how much free stuff I've been given, I haven't had to buy mascara for a year! This outfit was very popular at Uni. People kept asking me if I was going out afterwards so this is obviously my new favourite outfit!

I died when I saw this at Clear It on Brunswick Street for only $10, down from $28, the other day. Do you know how long I have been looking for a giant chain link scarf? Ever since I saw them everywhere in Japan back in 2006, and then came the famous Benetton one that Susie Bubble owns and the Yokoo etsy ones that every man and his blog has, except me. They only had Black, Navy or Khaki, so I obviously got the black seeing as I'm really feeling the Neo goth look right now. I wore it out on some errands in the cold yesterday and it was so warm and cosy.

Amazing gold chain link necklace from Fun Accesories in Fitzroy. Such a cool necklace, can't wait to wear it. It reminds me of this Sass & Bide dress that I like (ummm Sass & Bide's recent collection is actually pretty cool and they now have a city store at the GPO so I can actually see the stuff as I famously never leave the city).


  1. nice necklace!

    i try to never leave the city as well. fitzroy is ok and north melbourne too.

  2. Um, can you please wear that lipstick all the time? It's such a beautiful colour on you!!

    I am LOVING this entire look, but the lipstick really makes it. It completely transforms your look.

    Also... HELLO that scarf!! Did they have any more?! I haven't been down to Brunswick St in FOREVER.

    And LOL @ us having velvet days today!

  3. The lipstick looks awesome! As do the feathers.

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit! I LOVE that scarf, I've wanted one for ages but I don't think it will be cold enough to wear one in Perth for awhile!

  5. wow! you need to wear lipstick and feathers more often. you look amazing!

  6. i love this look on you!!
    you look fab!

    i really want that gold necklace too. its perfect.

    im loving sass&bide at the moment. heaps of pieces id get if i had unlimited funds.

  7. I'm quite liking Sass&Bide too at the moment and loving their new store in GPO (my second home) as I don't leave the city much either...

  8. You look fantastic! Love it love it! The lipstick does just launch that look into wonderful! Soooo much style-i-ness! I think that pic of you is the best I've ever seen on your blog!

  9. you're so cute hayley! i love reading what you're buying, wanting & upto!

    the link chain scarf is CUUUUUUUUUUTE!

  10. you look hawt in that lipstick, you should wear it more often! i really like you in goth mode, its a new side to miss hayley :) x

  11. this chain is rad cool.. it loooks like the chanel headbands



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