Friday, April 24, 2009

Australian National dress?

The party photos from the party I door bitched at, Gay Bash, are finally online, yay. There is a terrible terrible photo of me, but I'm not going to re-publish that here. Instead here are my fave shots from the super fun night. Remember the dress up theme was Suburban.

Matt's costume was by far the best. He just looked so hilarious. BTW Matt sorry I missed your B'day party, I sprained my ankle and didn't go out all weekend. Hope you had fun xoxo

Photo's by Jessie French.

Sorry about the extended blog absence. Would you believe my internet is shaped again! We have worked out that our wireless was being "stolen" by someone else in the building, so all passwords have been changed and hopefully this wont happen again.


  1. Dont you hate that, people use to always steal our wireless too... how rude!! Looks like a great party, and hopefully you can keep those thiefs at bay so I/we won't have to go without your blog again xx

  2. Great pics! Can you tell me where I can find the rest please Hayley?

  3. Did the first guy go as you?
    the resemblance is uncanny ha ha

  4. My dad's crazy about our wireless, he changed the password everyweek or so.
    BAHHAHAHAHAHA at the guy in the legendary 80's leotard and meggings!


  5. haha!! that'd be a great national dress :) !

  6. woah. no wonder why you get shaped so quickly!!!
    HAHAHHA party photos look like a blast.

  7. Hi Hayley, I went on the party photos and think you look cute!

  8. looks like my kind of party. i so so so miss the dressup & the dancefloor and my gay boyfriends. dam childbearing!


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