Monday, April 27, 2009

Velvet Eyes

I won a $75 David Jones gift voucher the other night and bought something I have wanted forever and ever. The Shu Uemura Black Velvet Feather False Eyelashes.

At $52 their not something I would normally buy for myself, but with free money I thought why the heck not? They are just so beautiful and insane really. I might wear them to my first day back at Uni in the morning. Probably not though.

My internet is still shaped but I will show you the lashes in action ASAP! Ohhh and I'm looking forward to the Sydney fashion week shows (I was meant to be there but it all fell through, gah so annoying)


  1. Cant wait to see them on you. I'd love a pair too, so gorj!! xx

  2. URHGG I've used up 98% of the internet usage :(!!!!!

    Good on you for taking advantage of the $60 and buying something totaly extravagant!


  3. heeey that's cool!
    were there more insane shu ones? do they actually sell the lacey ones?

  4. oo these will look dreamy!

  5. wow those are amazing! you've got such a great look, those eyelashes will be intense in the best way possible.

    you should see my kitchen table right now it's covered in teacups!

  6. They look really cool. Looking forward to a post with them on your real eyelashes.
    fashionhayley what has happened to melbstreetfashion's street pictures? they aren't really good now and you havent taken any for a while...i miss your pictures!

  7. Hey man, I have missed so many rad posts!!
    That outfit of yours in the black and white=perfection. Please wear it on Sunday!

    And the eyelashes too of course.
    How funny is Matt?!

  8. I have the impression as if ur internet is constantly shaped. like, theres no other status than in the midst of being shaped, haha.

    def want some pics with those on, theyre wicked!!! totally need new fakesies myself, cant cope with my asian short ones anymore!

  9. ive been reading for a while now, its about time I left a comment (: i really enjoy your posts on fashion, your wears and photography! oh btw those lashes look like love.. shu uemura makes the best falsies, they must be really soft!

  10. Hey lady! You were defo missed at fashion week!!! We really could have used another well dressed woman in our crew! I cannot tell you how tired I am of the "sydney cookie cutter" look...fake tan, straight long hair, super duper short dress. BORING! Guess I am gonna have to make my way to you very soon!
    Thanks for the comments, the show was such a riot!

  11. I've got one for myself too!! it's really amazing!Anw, this is Helen from helenmakeuphut, the make up artist for the pocketozine. How are u doing Hayley?


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