Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pom Poms

Please excuse my drunk "sexy" face and take note of the beautiful Pom Poms in my hair. Photo thanks to the Sony Cybershot/Grazia redcarpet at Fashion Week. It seems that I am not the only Pom Pom obsessed person right now. In Tokyo Pom Poms were everywhere (shops were selling them for as much as $50 Aus a pom...My sister thinks I should set up a Pom Pom shop over there) not only that but Loreal Melbourne Fashion Week provided me with some interesting Pom Pom turned fashion accessory ideas.

Romance was Born models walked the runway with two big black Pom Poms attached to their hair.

Fool models wore Pom Pom esque accessories in bright colours. I had never heard of Fool before, but apparently they have a shop on Greville Street in Prahran (which explains why I have never heard of them, I have only been to Greville Street once in my life, so I really need to go and check it out). Runway photos from Melbourne Street

Researching Fool I came accross these images on The Age website of their 2008 collection. Wow. Giant Pom Poms in bright colours. Why did I never see this before? My dream Pom Poms.

Chip Chop have come up with an AMAZING Pom Pom tote bag, which will surely take the humble Pom Pom to the indie masses?

I still seem to be the only person brave enough to take Pom Poms from the runway to the street, but maybe this winter people will finally get the courage to Pom away? I hope so.

Me and my Pom Poms with the super nice Alicia from Sea of Ghosts at Fashion Week.

Please check out the 62 Street photos taken at Fashion Week and the lead up to it. I shot some amazing people, including Project Runway alum Petrova and Lui Hon.


  1. Oh Hayley, you and your pom poms! You are ahead of the times, I have no doubt all of Melbourne will be wearing them in 6 months.
    That face in the first pic is so funny! In a good way. : )

  2. this is such a great post.

  3. awww we love poms poms too-we did a post about them and some mean annon commentor said we were 'so last season'!!! I scoff in their ignorance! p.s we pom-pom lovers know best I think! Go the pom-pom!!!

  4. i only paid attention to diane von furstenburg's latest collection because it had pom poms in it!!!
    trust me. i'll wear my pom poms as soon as i finish making them. and fool is so great! never heard of them either,

  5. I love the pompoms too!! Don't stop posting about them Hayley!
    I too love the "sexy" face haahaha

  6. You rock the pom poms!
    I might steal this, if you don't mind. When everyone here's wearing pom poms on their beret I'll be rocking them Hayley style.

  7. for all you pompom fixes!

  8. :-D I do love your pom poms a lot indeed! the idea of your sister of a pom pom shop sounds like a wonderful thing to me! Making something like your fascinator is a secret plan of mine, it's so beautiful! I didn't know this posts, because I didn't discover you that long ago. I think it would be definitely the time to do pom poms again!!!!! Your scarfes and necklaces are adorable too, I would buy them!
    Very curious about your pom pom nail art! Love, Sara xx

    By the way: All the men seems to like Kim Kardashians butt, i get compared to her very often cause of my not so small one too. ;-)


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