Monday, March 2, 2009

New Attitude magazine

The NEW issue of Attitude magazine is out. You can get it online OR in print in Australia at fashion boutiques or wherever you pick up your street press.

Isn't the cover AMAZING? I really love the styling of this issue, every page is an inspiration.

Another reason to check out the new issue is I have written an article for the mag about my fave fash photography blogs/sites.

I'm beyond happy with how it all turned out, the page looks amazing. Sourcing all images was a nightmare, but I did it even with my internet shaped! Its on the 2nd last page btw.

So now I am a published writer, which is 100% unexpected but at the same time such a dream come true. Still working out what exactly I want to do with my life, but I am a total mag addict (I brought home 10 magazines from Japan, and then when I landed I bought Shop till you Drop, Russh, Frankie and Yen...I actually cried when I saw them on the stands I was that excited by them...yes I am crazy) so a career in magazines is pretty much my dream. This blog was never meant to be well writen (and its not) its just a place for my ideas, projects and inspirations kinda like a visual diary. So hopefully with these other places to write my writing will improve on here too? Practice makes perfect yeah?

I actually took a copy of issue 61 of Attitude to Japan with me (sorta working on something over there) to show people/designers/boutique owners and everyone was beyond amazed at the quality for a FREE magazine. Apparently Japan has virtually no street press, and if they did it wouldn't be of the same standard. A Japan update will happen tomorrow after my first day of Uni (so nervous).

Oh GUESS WHAT? Russh Japan has folded. I saw it on the stands when I first arrived but didn't buy it because the fashion shoots were exactly the same as what was in the Aussie mag. However by the end of my trip I was like I need 1 for my records (yes....records) and went off looking for it. My Japanese friend Toshi came with me (he is also a mag addict) but every store didnt have it, so we finally asked and yeah they said it closed an all issues were gone now. Sad. It was the first Australian title to be exported O/S, but I guess it was a bad time for a launch, with Japan already a saturated magazine market, not to mention the current economic situation. I've heard rumours of Russh Australia maybe folding too, which I really hope doesn't happen as its one of my favourite magazines (Yen and Frankie are a bit too twee and girly for me) The current issue is dead set amazing, I am in love with the Jethro shoot (I will scan images later).

Anyway, I'm back in Australia as of a few hours ago and I need to sleep.


  1. I would die if Russh died.
    Oh I could not live.

    The Jethro shoot is freakin' amazing, I have so much love for Nick, so it is cool to see his son is so rad.

    Oh and well done on your first published! I will have to hunt the new issue down.


  2. Hey Haley! Got your message...I was a little disappointed they didn't use my art..but that's ok! There's always next time. Thanks for thinking of me...but enough about that..

    I can't wait to see the Japan updates! I anxiously awaited updates on your blog know how into Japanese culture, and especially the unique shops and street fashion of Tokyo I'm into! I can't wait to hear everything. I'm glad you didn't stress out too much about blogging though and enjoyed your time there, I'm sure! Congrats on the Attitude Mag thing! That is sooo friggin' cool. Hope you're doing well, can't wait for the next update...and good luck in school!!!

  3. yaaay congratulations, hayley! I'm so glad for you!

  4. CONGRATSSS! it's finally published!!! wow, the page looks soo good!
    thats so sad to hear that russh folded. i wondered what the jap version would be like.
    no. russh aus wouldn't fold would it? it can't!

  5. I just bought RUSSH! My first in almost a year! I can't wait to get stuck in although I'm not vibing on Jethro like everyone else is...

    Friday! I'm going to try and make it down at the start... I'm having some 'welcome home' drinks at the Carlton Club but I'm def going to try and get to PHM first!


  6. I just bought a subscription to Russh if it folds I'll be DEVESTATED!

  7. to be honest, the japanese russh wasnt so flash.
    they used the same shoots and there were lots of bright colours and headings.

  8. maybe this is something to do with it, also:

  9. Welcome back Hayley!! the new attitude cover looks MADDD.. i love those chains n the styling is awesome. must find myself a copy.. i havent picked one up in ages since high school actually. where do they have them now :S anyway looking forward to your jpn post and omg everything is so exciting in ur life!! if only i could right or work with magazines too.. i know too little though hehe ohwel all the best for first day at uni!! x

  10. Well done! great article! We totally heart Attitude lots! xxx

  11. Welcome back and congratulations! I can see that that piece must have taken many hours work, and you have a great eye for editing. I'd be very disappointed if Russh folded. It seems to be one of the few trend predictors out there, as most of the other glossies seem to catch on a tad later and much later than most bloggers.

    Also, as you know you can now find me at If you could update any links it would be much appreciated. xxx

  12. Cool mag!!
    I'm sorry that I didn't go the goodbye party. I couldn't make it. orz


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