Saturday, February 14, 2009


This party was actually a week ago. I've been super busy having fun and haven't been able to update for ages. Here are some party photos.

Yohei and Roxi dj

Tavuchi winking

Igalliano chilled

Ebs dancing

Blue man dj'ing

Hachi all rugged up

Yuki Love

Kawaii Koshiro

I got super drunk at this party on these new "Strong Zero" Chu Hi cans...which I guess are like UDL's but everyone drinks them here. I had 3 Large is 8% alcohol. Bad idea. I remember making out with Hillary and telling everyone we were getting married....and then nothing for the rest of the night. I woke up in a princess bed at Maya's I got there a total mystery. Maya's house is like a complete princess room, only pastel pinks and white was very surreal to wake up there.


  1. Glad to see more updates!! I see some familiar online blogger faces. Glad you're having fun. :)

    I see Hachi-san too! I actually drew an illustration of him based off of one of his dropsnap photos, and I posted it on his myspace and emailed it to their head guy. I wonder if he ever saw it or liked it! haha.

    Also..curious if you are still doing that article in Attitude? Are you still blogging for them while in Japan? Hope all is great!!!!


    btw...waking up in Tokyo in a pastel/princess themed room would be INTENSE! O__O

  2. thanks for the view on the japan, it's totally fab!


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