Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whitehouse Institute of Design Graduation Show

These are my 3 favourites from the Whitehouse Institute Graduation show that I went to last week. The show was of the graduating Sydney students as the Melbourne school is only 1 year old so it doesn't have any graduates yet. Oh and guess who was there? Lui from Project Runway. Ohhhhh. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of him.

I love the sparkly pants, I can totally see them for sale at Alice Euphemia.

This one was maybe my favourite of the night, I'm always partial to black, white and red not to mention stripes and polkadots!

These pants are amazing. They make her look like she is walking on stilts.

I chose the most colourful and fashion forward out of the lot (well in my opinion). Check out the rest at Melbourne Street Fashion.com. Oh and that light in the corner is a little annoying hey? It created all these shadows on the runway and over the models faces. Oh well, it was just their temporary runway until the permanant one opens next year, that one will hopefully have better lighting.


  1. Oh those outfits are so amazing! I went to look at the rest and I love the outfit with the pink knee highs (minus the knees highs of course ha).

    The last one you posted on here though is great as well, if I was 5'10+ I'd be wearing it all the time!!

  2. I am completely in love with the look in the second photo. Wonderful!

  3. i love the first 2 outfits. i see you're still working so hard. so you're not going to korea right? only japan?

  4. I love that second outfit! But I'm not sure about the 3/4 tights...
    I hope to be in that show one day, or even better the RMIT one! :)

  5. Yes, those red and white pants get the thumbs up from me. they look like they would work as very glamorous resort wear too. Top notch photos too.

  6. Great pics, I love the second outfit! Blac, white and red is always a good combo

  7. I really like the first outfit. it looks very sweet and girls next door, but the pants makes it POW!


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