Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weeks Events Wrap Up

This blog is slowly becoming a party blog. Sorry about that, but recently I have been invited to a billion things a week, maybe because of Summer? Anyway here is what I went to this week:

1: Whitehouse Graduate Runway Show

This was on Thursday night. Photos of the collection will go on Melbourne Street tonight. It was great to see what the students from Sydney have been up to, it made me very excited for next year that's for sure. I'll show you my favourite's when I have edited the photos.

2. Speaker TV launch party

After the Whitehouse show we all headed down to Roxannes as there was FREE Budwieser on offer at the Speaker TV launch. When we got there it seemed everyone had the same idea (the line to get in stretched a whole city block, apparently they had invited 2000 people to a venue which holds only 1000!) Anyway I was like, "I thought I had VIP entry or something???" so my friend Lauren went up the front to find out if I did and it turned out I did (or at least she convinced them that I did), so I grabbed everyone I knew from the line (like 15 people) and we headed in. When other people who were coming later tried to use "Hayley's list" it didn't work, some friends of mine pretended they were from the Herald Sun to get in, lol. What people will do for a free drink! The booze ran out around 10ish so we all headed to Hungry Jacks and then St Jeromes. Oh this was also Henry's Birthday so we got everyone to sing Happy Birthday to him a few times, so much fun!

Genki party

Genki is a cute store in the city which sells Kawaii Japanese goods. It was the place that I first discovered Fruits magazine way back in 2001. Anyway it was Ming's Birthday (Happy Birthday Ming, the girl above) and there were free drinks and cup cakes, Oishi!!!

1. Bloggers Meet Up at Madame Brussels

Madame Brussels is one of my favourite bars in the city. I hardly ever get to go though as it's all the way on the other side of the city to me (lol, that's only like 6 blocks away people!) and I tend to stick within a 2 block radius. So it was great to have an excuse to go and drink some yummy cocktails with some lovely ladies.

In attendance were some bloggers I have met before:

Lady Melbourne
Super Kawaii Mama
Aus style

And some I hadn't:

Peeptoes & Pedicures
Heart of Pearl
Circa Vintage
Vintage Verve

It was so nice to meet up with everyone and to hear their opinions on all things fashion. It seems to me that there is a lot of interest in vintage and vintage style in Melbourne, maybe even a Melbourne look of it? I don't know. Out of the group I would say I'm the most "indie" or dare I say "hipster" (hate that word) and therefore my style is more trend focused, less girly and less vintage. It was an interesting mix, everyone had their own defined idea of style, but we all got along and understood each others views, and of course when I got home I enjoyed reading everyone's blogs with more of an idea about the person behind the blog. Can't wait till the next meet up.

2. House Party (sorry no photos I forgot my camera)

Last night we went to a house party and Henry got so drunk he vomited everywhere and I had to take him home. I slept on the sofa bed because his vomiting was so gross. This was only the 2nd time in 8 years that I have seen him vomit. Poor Henry won't be drinking vodka again for a while. The party was cool though. They decorated the house with candles and made a Romance Was Born inspired Native American light feature...wish I had my camera, oh well.


We're about to go out to lunch and a design market, and then to Henry's Parents for his birthday dinner. Oh and I have to try and take some street photos.


  1. Looks like you have had a fabulous week! All those blogger's meetups make me wish I lived in Melbourne! :D

  2. babe, it was fantastic to finally meet you! Keep doing your thing, there should be more of it, but only one of you!

    x TMS

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  4. what a great way to spend a lovely Melbourne afternoon - cocktails, cupcakes and an interesting mix of stylish people! It was great to meet you :)

  5. Interesting post! Especially the part about everyone's different styles. I think I would definitely have to say you're more street/hipster as well..although I don't like the word hipster really becomes too generic.

    I think I really like a good mix of vintage mixed with trendy/street..but not the way some people in the U.S. view street (graffitti, super baggy, hip/hop...BIG bling..)

  6. It was lovely to meet you Hayley! Hopefully we'll cross paths again sometime soon (and I agree with the hipster tag, as for me I consider myself old school vintage not surprisingly).

  7. amazing pics! look like a lot of fun x

  8. hi hayley-i was looking through the facehunters older photos and i came across this one:

  9. nice photos Hayley, it was great meeting you!

  10. Lovely to see you again darling!
    I hate the word hipster too but thats how I'd describe you :)

    Yeah, its great to have such a diverse group meeting up regularly - very inspiring and fun xxx

  11. been reading your blog for a while but only managed to get the courage to post a lil comment now :) love your fashion youve definately inspired me to be a bit more creative

  12. Looks like you've been having a ball!! I have to say, your husband is foxy! AND I totally love your "hipsterness"! Your fashion aesthetic is probably the closest to mine out of the Melbourne blogging scene so I have a particular affinity for your blog.



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