Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dropping in on Tokyo

I love Drop Snap. Basically it's like a free Fruits magazine online, or in other words its an amazing Tokyo street style website. Recently 2 people emailed me to ask if I knew about it, and yes I do I just never remembered to link to it or blog about it, but I do check it out every day to see what my friends and other Tokyoites are wearing right now.

This is Igalliano, and she always looks fierce.

I don't know this girl but WOW I love her vest.

This is Roxi, she owns an amazing boutique (select shop in Japanese) in Tokyo called ilil (well I've only heard its amazing because it opened up while I've been back home, but she used to be part of Candy which I know is amazing first hand, so if it's anything like that then wow it's gotta be good, I can't wait to check it out in February)

I don't know her but I'm intrigued by that mirror? hole through her body??? thing on her dress, what is it???

LOVE them, such a cute couple.

Bizarre who owns Candy. It seems that black is the new black in Tokyo right now, so all my Melbourne clothes will really fit in.

Maya, always kawaii. Maya is so sweet, literally, she only eats "cak-ee" as in cake, lol.

Hachi who is an amazing designer (as blogged about previously)

Yusuke, I love your jacket, did you make it yourself?

Tabuchi the owner of Spank, her hair matches the wall, what a coincidence. My saviour in Japan as she is helping us out with free accommodation and with the way the Aussie Dollar is headed it's the only way we are able to still go. Thanks my love xxxoooxxx.

Another great thing about Drop Snap is the Blogs by some of the people they shoot (shop owners and party organisers mostly) Just use babel fish to get a rough (very rough) translation and voila new blogs to read.


  1. WAHHHHH I LOVE DROPSNAP ITS A NEW OBSESSION! Is that a bad thing?? haha. I'm glad you featured certain people too. I also didn't see the blog about Hachi before...its very interesting. I'm going to comment on it now. I miss Japan so much.

  2. Maybe wearing a mirror in the middle of your body is a good new fashion statement to make! I like it though!
    And I wish I could only just eat cake!!! Oh, Japanese short cake!

  3. Oh and about the jacket that Yusuke is wearing...I think I actually saw a picture of Mary Kate Olsen wearing this...which its crazy I remember that..I have no clue what celebs wear..but I do remember it because it was SO distinct to me, and I bought a friend in Japan a bracelet with studs on it like that from forever21.

  4. hey i study fine art at monash in caulfield. it's a bit of a trek for me, living in eltham but worth it! oh & thanks for the compliment! i lurk yr blog too much! ha ha. where did you study?

  5. you know so many cool tokyo-ites! hehe
    that thing on the girls dress is is it?
    I was reading about that japanese invention...the invisible raincoat... You put it on and somehow it diverts light to make you look invisible! Maybe she's got that in a small scale version on her dress. :D
    I looove yusuke's jacket too. I think it's givenchy..??

  6. Hey Hayley, long time reader/first time commenter!

    Do you know anything about the scarf/cowl neck thingy Hachi is wearing? I think it's absoultely amazing..

  7. I know I love the scarf too..I couldn't pull it off where I live..and if I was in Tokyo I'd feel like I was stealing it from him! I've seen tons of pics with him wearing a signature almost! haha

  8. oh yes. did you find the 'pretentious' stigma associated with it true?! monash is actually better than its sometimes portrayed, if you knwo what i mean. the course is pretty good. would you ever return?

  9. Hi hayles!
    drop snap yaaay fav of mine too!

    the jacket yusuke is wearing is from Givenchy. There were pics online of MK Olsen wearing it during Paris fashion week FW 08 if my memory is right!


  10. Oh my gosh! I click on that link and what's the first image I see??

    My schoolmates Maya and Jamerson from Philadelphia! How zany.

  11. i'm addicted to drop snap, there's so many great styles and outfit on there.

  12. strongly love the guy in the black clothes from head to toe, and the givenchy jacket is fab


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