Sunday, December 7, 2008

A weekend of shopping

Yesterday I went op shopping in Windsor with friends and ended up at this huge Fat sale at a temporary store on Chapel Street. For those who don't know Fat is like the coolest boutique in Melbourne. There were so many amazing things for really cheap. Wanna see what I bought?

New dress

new dress with hood
I bought this crazy hood dress for $50 down from $220 by Schwipe. I think it will be perfect for Tokyo and it is very flattering (the photos don't give it justice honestly). It's not my normal style but its so comfy and fun I couldn't say no. What do you think? How should I wear it?

Outfit details:
Dress: $50 at Fat Sale by Schwipe
Leggings: $7 Kinji Harajuku
Black patent oxfords: $9 Dimmeys
Necklace: 50cents thanks to my friend who is a jewellery supplier.

At an op shop in Windsor I bought this cool black cardigan to wear in Tokyo (it will be winter and snowing when we are over there) so I need some warm clothes as I currently have hardly anything. It was $10 which is a little steep but it is cool and unusual with the cold chain detailing so it was worth it.

The other day after a meeting at Whitehouse about my enrolment I went to DFO to kill time before work, hoping not to buy anything except Christmas presents for my family. I ended up buying this kawaii pink gnome for $9.95 from Smiggle instead. Opps, but I love it. They had so many colours to choose from, I almost got white, and then I loved the black, oh and the silver was amazing and the blue was good too, but I kept on going back to the pink. I think I made the right decision. What do you think?

Today we went to Footscray to go to Savers and some $2 shops. I found this kawaii deer at my favourite $2 shop for only $3.99. It was a Christmas decoration and had a big red bow around its neck, so I cut that off and voila a beautiful deer statue similar to what you might find at Douglas and Hope for $90. Yay for bargains!

At Savers I got 1 new dress and 1 new skirt. They both need some altering to make them work but here is a sneak peek:


  1. I'm a new Savers convert! It's a whole new world (Yes, that should be read to the tune of the Aladin theme song).

    Haha, I love the second photo in the hooded dress! It looks really fun, and what a massive saving!

  2. Ooh love the dear invention!
    AND I'm interested to see the Savers items properly too!
    A man near my mums house has a garden full of gnomes. We found some mini ones in an opshop a month or so ago, and put them in his yard so it was like they were breeding. We haven't heard anything yet. Haha

  3. i went to the FAT sale on the day it opened and got a ksubi dress for $60 reduced from $160, so good!!

  4. OH OH I was IN Windsor this weekend and I had NO IDEA. Or I might have had an idea and then forgotton... but I'm pretty sure I didn't.

    Awesome bargain that dress is fantastic!! Love the deer, too. I'm a huge deer fan!

  5. Hayley! I love your blog and I love your style! I can't believe I never knew about it until now.

    Thanks for having me on your links- I'll put you in mine too, given I'm your newest biggest fan.

    I miss Melbourne so much. It's really an amazing city for shopping. London is only good for shopping if you have ze sweet pennies.

    Anyway when I get back to old Melbourne town we should meet for coffee or something!


  6. The dear is pretty cool. I would never think of looking for home decoration pieces amongst xmas decorations.

  7. hahah oh you're adorable, I LOVE YOUR BLOG, your images are great and so is the content! Wish i could've made it to that sale..

  8. that top looks so hot on you! haha love the *fierce* expression too!

    i just put up christmas decorations yesterday, blue-themed, so i want a blue gnome :)

  9. Girl, was that article in Metro? 'cos I just remembered today and am kicking myself for not buying The Age. Grrr!

    Love you in your vivid prints and leggings and I adore these photos, they are really good - I also love the fierce expression :) and for some random reason, the texture of the wall behind you looks really cool?!

    Love that you love the styling in US Elle too! That is totally what I'm attracted to now. Maybe I should do a mag swap with you sometime hun? I know you're saving for Japan and I buy soooo many mags and feel guilty just chucking them out...

    Oh, and I love your gnome! I so want one for my balcony :) xxx

  10. Bugger - I missed that fat sale! You scored a bargain though - the dress is so cool! And the Deer is beautiful, your Douglas and Hope observation made me giggle because it's true!

  11. OH damn! I wish I went to that sale is it still on?
    You got some great buys! The dress hoodie is superb! Good on you!

  12. London is overrated! The shopping is great but only if you have loads of money. Basically everything here is great if you have loads of money. Unfortunately I have peanuts.

    I prefer Berlin really, but it's about 10 degrees colder then so you just can't win!

    I'm back on the 2nd of March- and I have butterflies already! I can't wait to come home and eat shanghai dumplings are cola slurpees and go to savers and alice euphemia. But I have to leave my boyfriend here so it's going to be a bit sad :(


  13. wow! is the sale still on? and where on chapel st is it?

  14. hey thatnks for linking! i absolutely LOVE that cardigan, and have actually been planning on making one similar for a friend. Oh, and you have a colour coordinated bookshelf, ME TOO! What your doing, keeping all the Melbournites, in-the-know is very cool, i wish we had someone like that up here for Brisbane!

  15. The deer is too cute. Don't you just love those unexpected bargains? Especially in Footscray, those $2 stores are a treasure trove of gems. I've score heaps of cool things from those stores.


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