Friday, November 28, 2008

Tagging Time

I have been awarded not 1 but 2 "tags" recently by 3 very lovely bloggers.

The first one is an "I love your blog" award which was given to me by Super Kawaii Mama.

The rules:
1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

Nominating is so hard, I love so many blogs but here goes:

Lactose Intoler-Art's Blog: An international friendship has blossomed with our love of Japanese street fashion and just Japan in general. I love his drawings of Fruit's kids so much that I bought a t-shirt from his Red Bubble account with my favourite design, I can't wait till it arrives, I plan on wearing it in Tokyo. Yay! (update it arrived and it looks sweet as, I'll post a pic ASAP!)

Spank Party!!!: I miss Tabuchi and the Spank girls so much so I love reading what they are up to on Tabuchi's blog...well reading it in the Engrish that the Babelfish translator spits out...I get the gist of it though. I love all the photos of everyone having fun, but it makes me miss them more, but I'll see them soon YAY and my sister will meet them even bigger YAY.

The adventures of cupcakes: It's so fun to read this blog about an Aussie girl living in Bangkok and the adventures she has. The best post is a toss up between the one about the Elephants in the street not phasing her just annoying her as they slow down the traffic, or the one where she dances the Hammer Dance by MC Hammer so perfectly to win a pair of pants.

With Love and Swallow: Amazing local girl blogging about her cool life seeing bands and guess what she takes her photos with FILM and they look AMAZING! I miss film.

Foreveryoung_Vintage: Her dedication to her ebay store is amazing, always op shopping and ALWAYS finding amazing things. Reading her blog always makes me want to go op shopping ASAP.

Bijou Kaleidoscope: Local interior blogger who has bought her 1st home. I love seeing the process of making a home your own, and one of the best things is her budget isn't huge so I can really relate to her crafty style solutions.

Coax With Candy: She has had a crazy year that's for sure. We bonded over a shared love of Japanese kawaii Swimmer goods (swimmer is a brand of cute mostly plastic stuff) and love of living in Japan (opposite ends of the country though). Her life has been a whirlwind this year and now she is expecting twins, wow. I love her sense of humour too. Oh and she is a super talented web designer.

I have been tagged to do Six Random things about me by Pinkgamegirlrocks AND Foreveryoung_vintage so here goes:

  1. I hate "hot drinks" so I never drink coffee or tea. I just hate the feeling of it going down my throat.
  2. In year 7 in high school I had a "T-Boz" from TLC hair cut, and not by accident either.
  3. I really want to see the movie Australia and like it but I'm nost sure I will. I want it to be successful and to encourage tourists back to the country, but it seems a little weak and cheesy to be able to really fulfil these dreams. I'll still go see it though.
  4. I'm really annoyed that there is a movie called Hachiko coming out starring Richard Geere. People will think that we named our dog after the movie and not the original Japanese story about the dog that loved his owner so much that after the owner died the dog kept going back to the train station to meet him like normal. Now at Shibuya station there is a statue that celebrates the dog which has become a popular meeting spot, akin to meeting under the clocks at Flinders Street.
  5. I really want to try this PedEgg foot shaver thing. Basically it's like a cheese grater for your feet that you use to shave off calluses. I see it on TV every night but I think there is no way that it wouldn't cut you, plus the part where they show you the foot shavings is so gross. I just want to to test it to see if it could possibly work without hurting you. It's pretty expensive for such a stupid product too. Yay for late night infomercials.
  6. I can't tolerate people who tease vegetarians. Why do they do it? I've put up with it for 14 years and it's getting old now. I am happy not eating meat and I don't bother you about your choice so why do you question me?
I tag: The same people from my first tag (minus one who tagged me)!!!!


  1. That Pedegg has been freaking me out for weeks now! dhglsdkghslgsgs Ahhh!

  2. Awww shucks, Hayley. Thanks for saying nice warm fuzzy things about me! You made my day! I've never gotten any kind of tag/blog award before. Thanks :-)

    ps: One day I may do a post about all my Swimmer goods. In fact, I may do it soon. It may freak you out because I have SO MUCH.


  3. Ack, that pedegg thing is GAG VOMIT grosses me out. it makes me think of cheese. or foot cheese. okay, i should stop there.

    anywho thanks for the mention! if i had to nominate seven blogs that would be my entire blog roll... eep! I'll get onto this sometime over the weekend.

  4. I bought a new ped egg from eBay for about $3. I haven't tried it yet, the thought still grosses me out! x

  5. The ped egg is disgusting. I really hope those foot shavings are really just parmesan cheese...


    Ped egg is fucking hilarious! I love those damn infomercials! The best part of that ad is when the lady reaches to touch her 'husband's' foot; WTF as if you do that?!

    Anyway, congrats on the award!

  7. Bhaha the ped egg. Ew that is all kinds of wrong, but all kinds of right for some people too.
    I walked into my local beauty salon the other day and saw a lady getting a pedicure and the lady was literally shaving off her heals. I nearly spewed. Seriously.

    I too love infomercials.
    Though I am a bit concerned at how easy I am to suck into believing and then wanting things.
    I mean, the amount of times I've thought I needed a swivel sweep, budget direct car insurance and proactive skin treatment!
    I'm yet to ever place an order, but if I'm ever a stay at home mum, I shudder to think what the credit card could look like!

  8. Oh my gosh!!! hahahha. Thanks so much for mentioning me! I hope your trip to Tokyo is freakin' amazing! You're a great blogger buddy! haha

  9. I've got to go to that link to see the Hammer dance right now!

  10. Hey! I'm a little confused on how to do this..I don't know 7 "worthy blogs" quite yet, but yours definitely is. Do I just use that image and write about you? I want to do it...was just a little confused!!!!

  11. haha it's funny how the shavings are so gross yet the ad is still compelling! it's probably because the play it a billion times a day but still ... i was vegetarian for 3 years but when i moved to australia i found it more difficult to keep it up do to lack of options and living with my carnivorous boyfriend, so now i am only semi-vego (eat fish and meat occasionally). i was teased heaps too and always wondered why since my personal choice does not affect them?? anyway loving your posts hayley! xx

  12. my sister bought the ped egg and it kind've creeps me out too. but i stole it from her and it works! and it's totally painless !

  13. Hales is that you and Henry on the TShirt? love Mum xxxx

  14. I have the Ped Egg and I can say from experience it is AMAZING! I love it, it is a bit gross to empty the trap but it's no worse then using the file and getting the dust everywhere! It doesn't cut at all! I doesn't even tickle, great invention.

  15. thanks for sharing those links. The best blogs (as one blogger has said) are the ones that share links.



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