Friday, November 7, 2008

This post is back by popular demand

Ok so guess who was at my house?

Can you guess?

Ok take a look at this photo

Do you recognise him?

It's Yvan the Facehunter...

Right now I'm super drunk after a crazy night with Yvan and friends that almost led to a fist fight...more on that later but for now I'll let you all know Yvan is super nice and his accent rocks.

Peace xoxo

Oh and check out Melbourne Street for some awesome looks from tonight (pre the getting wasted part but mind you I was slightly tipsy at that stage)


  1. aww yvan is adorable. love your photos btw

  2. ~ wheee! Always so much funnn at your place, you lucky woman!

  3. Please tell me about this 'fist fight'?!

    Yvan seems like a lovely guy. Look at that coy smile!

    love you blog x

  4. I thought I must have dreamed this post yesterday when it suddenly disappeared. ;)

    Soooo fantastic! :D

  5. OMFG! Thats super cool! Nice one Hayley ;)

  6. holy McMofo! Man he's like the Brad Pitt in my life. How gorgeous is he? And why isn't he making Canberra visit????

  7. oh wowowow! I can't wait to hear all the goss about the fist-fight hehe but it's nice to hear that he's a swell guy :D

  8. Wow! It would have been so much fun hanging out with Mr. Facehunter. Love his adorable accent as well and lovin' your street style piccys!

  9. I love your blog! X


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