Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cup Day Courtyard Party

Just a sunny day spent with new friends in a fab Fitzroy courtyard. I miss having a backyard so much after today.

To celebrate The Melbourne Cup we made paper plate hats. Above Greta is modelling her amazing design with "Queenie" who was dressed up especially for the day.

Later Queenie's wig fell in some soy sauce and was hung up to dry.

Pat and Henry in cool t-shirts.

Hat making supplies from Arthur Daileys. Can you believe Greta had never heard of the store before a week ago when we walked past and I told her about it. I mean come on everyone knows Arthur Daileys the place of crazy bargains. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E!!!

My hat and glasses I made, both wouldn't stay on my head hence my retarded look.

As requested a close up of my cigarette badge from an earlier post. It's a bit washed out but you can see it is totally amazingly real and life like.

I wore the same outfit as a few days ago cos I'm lazy.

Our modem broke yesterday so I had almost 2 days without the internet, but we went and bought one and finally got it working just now after hours and hours of calls to tech support. Since we got back online I saw that the Facehunter is in Melbourne and he went to the Melbourne Cup?!?!?! His photo's so far don't capture Melbourne's style so much, too much colour, lol. I think the girl below is amazing and she was shot by The Age newspaper, the pink is divine....I think some of my shots on Melbourne Street Fashion.com are a pretty good representation of Melbourne Style, but hey its easy for me because I live in this city so I know where to look and what I'm looking for, facehunter only just arrived so I'm going to give him some time, Melbourne is famous for being secretive and deceptive to 1st time visitors. I did like his first Cup Day outfit a lot, that shot is beautiful with the pink hat, and I also saw her outfit on The Age's website, I think she was a runner up in fashions on the field..Anyway below is my fave cup day outfit ever I think!


  1. these pics look like so much fun !

  2. God you guys look so cool! I love that tie-dyed t-shirt.

    I had a look at the facehunter pics and thought the Melbourne ones were okaaaaay but we can definitely do better than that!

  3. Hey, I don't know about Arthur Daileys! Please tell me what and where!!!!! (oh and I agree, sooooooo disappointed with facehunter in melbourne...)

  4. That girl in the fushia and pink outfit was my very fave outfit of the day! She was stunning :) The colours against her complexion just popped. Very old school YSL.

    I thought of you the other day when Patricia Field said that thing about how provincial and unoriginal our racing looks can be, when judging the fashion on the field...after our little chat about that comp and the looks!! :)

    Love the party photos, you guys look like you had a blast and I love how the energy and fun seeps out of your pics, they tell a story :)

  5. Aughh I was scrolling down the page and thought "Why has she taken a photo of a cigarette?" That badge is amazing!

  6. You guys are the coolest looking cup day partiers ever. Love the heart shaped glasses too :)

  7. Thanks for the close up of the cigarette brooch! I love it (yet also hate smoking with a passion). xx

  8. agree with tara, said badge is awesome. You and your friends have epic stylin'. yeah not going to lie, facehunter isn't too great, but its interesting to pass by anyhow

  9. That looks like awesome fun, I wish my friends were cool and had hat making parties! I don't know about Arthur Daileys either, please don't hate me forever!!


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