Friday, November 7, 2008

Party Pics

Here are some party shots from last night.

Can you tell we were really drunk? You can see better photos of their AMAZING outfits on Melbourne Street

And look at Yvan at work, in the middle of the road no less! Hello safety! Lol. I think his photos have found Melbourne style now for sure (black, black, black!). It was really interesting watching him work, he thinks about every detail in each shot. Much respect.


  1. Looks like it was a great night. You look like you keep colourful, fun company. x

  2. Wow! this blog is amazing! i have always loved the facehunter, and its great to see someone that is even better than he is from australia! You rock:)

  3. I've obviously missed alot but how did he end up in your lounge room again Hayles?!?!??!
    Very cool, street fashion photography stars unite.

  4. Oh my gosh, how cool are these group of people?! It's like they came straight out of a cool 70s punk rock movie, love the picies :)

    as always x

  5. Cool, I just found you through Facehunter. I'm from Melbourne but living in London...think I'll be reading yours to see what all the cool Melburnians are doing now... How I miss it... London is far less cool =(

  6. Hahahah Hayley, I saw Yvan today. My friend Lisa (you took a photo of her last Sunday near Degraves, I think) chased him down Degraves to say hello! We got a photo with him.. I think he was a bit scared because we were so hysterical and excited to meet him!
    Hahahaha theres a photo on my blog!

    Love life!

  7. Great, great pictures! What a gorgeous group of people with amazing style :)


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