Monday, November 3, 2008

Shopping Wishlist

Mimco "Woodstock" macramé necklace. I love it but for $249 I think I'm going to have to pass for now or maybe try and make my own?

Black Leather Sofa as seen on The Selby in both Alexander Wang and Mark Morrison's studios. This particular one was sold on ebay for $790 which is really good value but a bit out of my current budget. I'll keep scouring ebay and op shops for a cheaper one for now.

Alexander Wang
Mark Morrison

And now again with the hall tables. I still haven't found one and I'm going crazy with ebay searches. The one below is 99% perfect but again it is too expensive at $265 buy it now on ebay. I think I'm going to have to head down to Richmond for its Asian Furniture markets and amazing furniture op shop (where my bed and dressing table are both from) to try and find one.

Can't you just imagine it with that Jenny Kee vase I want, a dish for keys and mail and above it some great art work?


  1. i love the selby, there's so much inspiration on there! love your blog hayley :)
    therefore i have tagged you, i hope you have fun answering the questions :) x

  2. that necklace is beautiful!

    La C

  3. I want that A.Wang couch too! My dad makes sofas but unfortunately not of that variety.

  4. the black leather sofa is so beautiful, if i had my own house or maybe a room that could fit a sofa and $$ that would be perfect!

  5. yay for the selby! I'm sure you're capable of making the necklace..

  6. i think mimco still have a factory outlet which often ends up with a lot of the good stuff seeing that most from of mimco is overpriced for what it is

  7. That couch for under $1000 is a bargain. Generally the style is referred to as a "Chesterfield" if that helps with your search. As for the hall table - yum! Whenever I can't get what I want, I find something remotely close then spray paint with coats and coats of lacquer then a clear coat over the top. I get cheap paint from an auto shop as it always goes on well and has the best shine. That's how I made all my bedroom furniture a matching high gloss black.

  8. Man I love chesterfields, I really, really want one but it's out of my price range as well!

  9. you could find a facsimile of that necklace at


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