Saturday, November 1, 2008


I ended up dressing up a little for Halloween, but not in a planned way. After going to the Runway for Research fashion show (photos of which will be up at Melbourne Street tomorrow) we decided that we wanted to go out and party so we came back to my place and got kinda dressed up. I was a hippy, my sister was "Indie is dead" (in my clothes!) and my friend Lauren was just herself but people thought she was in costume, lol.

Me as a hippy. Notice how I was wearing sandals? Well we soon learnt that sandals and bars don't mix as I ended up with glass in my foot and had to leave almost as soon as we got in :< It's ok now though, my sister took me home and got all the glass out, bought me chocolate and a magazine and then went back out cos you know she was in costume and all.

Lauren painted a flower on my face. It was kinda hot so my glasses fogged up (seriously they do it all the time, I have de-fog spray but it doesn't work. I guess that's the bad thing about giant glasses)

Lauren not in costume but looking cool.

My sister, Ebony, had kinda a zombie face.

All of us. Lauren has the habit of closing her eyes in photos and I always look surprised and about to dance whereas Ebony pulls a model face.

For some reason when I use my Sony Camera I can't make my outfit photos larger like normal, its really weird.


  1. Wow! Looks like you guys had funn!! (xcept for glass-in-foot! ow!) You could have a second career as a hippie, you look so authentic!

  2. oh! you guys look great! I really like your friends style, she remined me a little of lucille ball. Sorry to hear about your foot!
    The face flower was a great touch. You made Halloween look ferosh!!

  3. It's a shame about your foot :( But you girls look so cool! I love your tie-dyed top (I have a slight tie-dye obsession...)

  4. The facepaint is great. Too bad about your foot!

  5. Ahhhh, the first photo to load was your sister's zombie face, scared the hell out of me! For the reason that I'm a huge wuss, I refused to go out on Halloween; thats a month's worth of nightmares waiting to happen! You guys look great, I was going to comment on how much I love your sandals then I read you got glass in your foot, ouch! I still love them though!

  6. Love love love your t'shirt. I too have a mild tie die fetish. How can you not?
    At least you scored some chocolate and a mag out of an injury. I'd be psyched with that.
    Happy Halloweeeeen!

  7. hahahahah...Ebony has a killer sense of humor...indie is dead!!!!! I'm glad you pointed out Lauren's 'habit' coz I was thinking it was a bit weird that you posted pics of your bf looking like she was catching some zzz's

  8. AW hippie looks sooo kawaii on you Hayley! your sister and friend is gorgeous too! aw i wish i had kinpatsu hair naturally!

    thanks for letting me know about the hangers! ive decided to put off with buying atm, currently concentrating on ripping carpet out and painting walls :D thnx a bunch x


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