Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hungover but happy

Hanging out with Yvan all week has been fun but ohhhh I've never been so hungover in my life before and we're doing it all again tonight! Yikes!

Last night was super fun but I ended up out of my mind calling everyone in my phone at 4am...yep even my Mum! I had a few angry texts this morning and some explaining to do, lol, but it's all ok now.

Every night we have been out there have been rumours that The Dandy Warhols were at the bar/club or they will be soon. So far I haven't seen them. It was funny though, we were at home talking about where the band was meant to be tonight and Yvan didn't know any of their songs so I started to sing "We used to be friends" and Yvan said in his deadpan Swiss way "If you actually sing it properly then maybe I would know" lol...maybe you had to be there but we all cracked up.

Oh and recently I have been getting these mean jealous anonymous comments on my blog and they even commented "evidence" on Yvan's blog about me not liking his first Melbourne photos, but he doesn't care he just thinks that person is very petty and childish. He found it funny and refreshing that I was actually honest about his work. But like I said when I re-wrote that section of my post (omg Hayley changed her mind lets shoot her down) I didn't give him enough time to find his feet, he had only been in Melbourne for a day and Melbourne is a hard place to navigate at first with all its secret lanes and hangouts! Right now I would say I love every photo on Facehunter that he has shot these last few days. It's been fun to see him work and to help him with his English when he is writing his posts up. Because we have been out at night together we have ended up photographing the same people on occasion so if you want to see some cool shots by me check out Melbourne Street

As I said tonight I'm going out to the Threethousand+Facehunter party at The Toff in Town. Maybe I'll see some of you there? Oh and to the sweet girl with the great hair who recognised me last night when I was totally trashy, I'm sorry I was so gone but yes please add me as a friend on myspace.

Right now I'm styling my sister who lives in the country but is coming up tonight using picture messages, so funny. She wants to look amazing of course so she has tried on maybe 20 dresses. This is the best one so far, what do you think?

Please excuse her messy room, lol. She totally needs to continue with that blog she started don't you think and put up her daily outfits?


  1. anonymous commenters are just the worst sometimes! that's why i don't let them comment. hehe. i like that plaid top you're wearing! is there a full outfit post pic somewhere? also -- thanks for the comment on my blog. it's super easy! all i'm doing is using the collage function of Picasa beta 3. it takes all of five minutes, i swear! have a good night!

  2. i think that outfit is great. so lucky you get to hang with facehunter. ahhhh have fun tonight, maybe just dont ring your mum at 4am again.
    hahaha :)
    love your blog, first visit. would like to exchange links, im hunting down aussie blogs i love atm :)

  3. it is really nice of you to help out yvan. i lived in melbourne for 6 years and only fully appreciated it after a year or so... because you really need to be in the 'know' about all the places to go to


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