Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The long goodbye

Last night was Yvan's last night in Melbourne. So to send him off we had goodbye drinks at St Jeromes which turned into another crazy night of drunken shenanigans. I will miss Yvan's hilarious outlook on life and his accent which makes everything he says a million times funnier than it may have otherwise been. To tell you the truth when I first met him I thought he was rude and stand offish, but after getting to know him these past 2 weeks I realised that first impressions aren't always the best in judging someones character. Anyway goodbye Yvan, have fun on your world adventures and I'll see you in March.

My friend Tony got "wizzard" which means he drank enough beer that the cans were as high as him. Yep I don't really recommend this.

2 of these girls (the 2 on the right) are hopefully going to Whitehouse with me next year. Fingers crossed they get in (I'm sure they will!) The middle girl is Charlotte Webb from the Melbourne legging's label Serena Van Der Woodsen who you may remember from my interview with her at Melbourne Street and she has her own blog too (if you read her blog please note that we have cleared up any misunderstandings about the article I wrote and are friends once more, yay!)

My camera was playing up last night and 99% of the photos are blurry (ok maybe I was really drunk) so these are the best shots. Oh well it was a fun night. So much more I could write about. I will say Yvan is a bit of a man slut and he knows it, so funny really. Do you know what was surprising, so many people didn't know who he was, people who I would have thought would know for sure. Sometimes when we were out it would be me who was getting recognised and not him. Slightly funny really. FH and FH...sorry just realised that same blog initials.

In other news I bought this great retro/vintage white sofa bed on ebay for $122.

It gets here on Friday. As soon as it does I'll post a picture of the new lounge set up. So excited, now when people stay over they have somewhere comfortable to stay. I have wanted a sofa bed for more than a year, and have been getting desperate about it as I have my best friend staying with me next March for 2 months from the UK and my sister sleeps over every weekend because my house is so central, but the current couch kills her back. Yay for keeping my guests happy. Plus white is much better than the current green couch (looks identical to this one only its green and not a sofa bed) as our house is mostly red and white. Apparently it is really comfortable as at the house that its currently in guests choose to sleep on it instead of the guest bed.


  1. That's an awesome couch! I'm surprised that not many people recognised Yvan, sounds like he was a lot of fun anyway!

  2. That couch looks fabulous! It will be so perfect in your flat.

    I used to live in a house where we had one of those, just be careful that no one extra super heavy sits on the joins in the bed bit when it's unfolded, because there's a design flaw which will cause the bed to break apart.

  3. That couch is a dreamboat! And what a bargain.

    But yeah, I'm just in Tokyo for studying abroad and then I must go back to Philadelphia. Gallermic's parties were / are the best I've been to. More interesting than most in NY I'd say.

    I hope you have a successful return to Tokyo!!

  4. Cool couch!

    And 'got wizzard'?! I actually laughed out loud at that. And no, probably not recommendable! :)

  5. Oh wow what a fabulous couch!
    I payed a similar amount for my yellow one and it gets so many comments! I'm sure yours will too!
    And it'll match your decor perfectly!
    Excited to see it in action :)
    AND I hope it really is comfy.
    Mine can't be comfy no matter what angle you sit on it! haha
    It's just a massssive room filler that looks good haha

  6. What a freaking cool couch!!! I wish I could find something that modern!

    It looks like you had so much fun with the Face hunter!!


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