Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spring cleaning

The delivery of the new sofa bed has inspired a total house spring clean and some furniture re-arranging madness, plus a bookshelf transformation as seen below.

I have wanted to colour code my books for a very long time. Yesterday with the help of my sister I finally did. It looks so chic now, before it was such a mess. What do you guys think?

In the spring clean I found an old high school diary from the year 2000. Inside they had put a sort of questionnaire about yourself that I filled in which makes for some hilarious reading (well at least for me).

Millennium Moments, My life in the Year 2000.

My age in the Year 2000: 15-16yrs

My year level: 11B

My school: PHSC

In the Year 2000 my subjects are: Media, Art, Photography, Fashion, International Studies and English.

My favourite subject is: Fashion and Photography.

My least favourite subject is: International Studies.

In the Year 2000 my dream for the future is to become: An arty farty (I guess I meant a creative person)

Or maybe: A Sassy Sista (I have no idea, lol)

In the Year 2000 my career/education goals are: To go and experience life to the full, travelling and studying something arty, hopefully fashion.

In the Year 2000 my friends are: (a long list of people I never see anymore, which is a little sad I guess)

In the Year 2000 my favourite male recording star is: No answer

In the Year 2000 my favourite female recording star is: Macy Gray (lol wtf)

In the Year 2000 my favourite performing groups are: Inka Marka (they still play in Bourke Street Mall, its the South American group, I used to really like them, lol), Red Hot Chillie Pepers, Sugar Ray, Spiderbait and The Living End (all of which I can't stand now, lol)

My favourite music is: Techno, Dance, Alternative, Native, Folk (I still like techno dance stuff now, you know like The Presets)

In the Year 2000 my favourite TV shows are: Dawsons Creek and Buffy.

In the Year 2000 my favourite male actor is: Seth Green (what happened to him?)

In the Year 2000 my favourite female actor is: Kate Winslet and Wionna Ryder.

The movies I have seen in the Year 2000: The Blair Witch Project (this movie was so scary at the cinema), Sleepy Hallow, Girl Interupted, Being John Malkovich, American Beauty and The Beach. (Kinda seems like a good year for movies hey?)

My favourite sport is: Surfing (I actually went on Surf camp that year and really liked it but have never done it again. It was so hard to try and stand up, I think I only managed to kneel, lol, but still it was a fun experience, that camp was one of my favourites)

In the Year 2000 my favourite footy team is: Carlton (still is but I don't actually follow the sport at all. Henry updates me on how it's all going which is badly I think for my team, he is a big supporter of Essendon and watches the games all the time. He only goes to a game maybe once a year though, it's all over for this year right, the Grand Final allready happened yeah?)

In the Year 2000 my favourite foods are: Vegetarian, Mexican and Indian (still the same)

In the Year 2000 the things I love doing the most are: Hanging out with my friends at the park after school (this started in year 8 and continued all through high school, all of my group, which was a big one of maybe 30 people, would go to the local park after school and hangout for an hour maybe eating fish and chips or something and then heading home or off to a party or a sleepover. We never did anything too naughty, but there was some tags on the play equiptment by us. I think my "Pia is a bitch" is still there, lol...well she was), Sleepover parties, Dancing at Nightclubs (yep when I was 16 me and my friends would go to Brunswick Street and try and get into clubs, there were 2 that always let us in. We never drank really, we were too scared to go up to the bar, we would just dance, dance, dance).

Best Books I've read in the Year 2000: Memoirs of a Geisha.

5 years from now in the Year 2005 I see myself: Living in Paris. Starting my career in fashion or photography (this sadly didn't 2o06 I lived in Tokyo instead...kinda close? and only now am I getting close to starting this fashion/photography career)

10 years from now in the Year 2010 I see myself: With my babies in Brazil. Established my career and am now on holidays permanatly (ok wtf babies in Brazil??? I like the idea of being on holidays forever but I doubt that by 2010 that would really be possible for me, instead I'll be in 2nd year at Uni with no babies in sight for a long, long time!)

25 years from now in the Year 2025 I see myself: Retired in India (hmmmm maybe it's possible still?)

Well that was me in the Year 2000. Still kinda similar I suppose but maybe I'm a bit more realistic now.

***Please note the Spring clean is still going so photos of the new look living and dining are will come ASAP!


  1. haha that's so cute.
    the colour-coded bookshelf looks amazing! i've never even thought of something like that before. looking at my books now though, they're mostly white and black.

    ps- my friend (who, like me, follows your blog) saw you in metropolis yesterday and had to text me so we could both be excited.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment, Hayley. I totally forgot to say that I'm IN LOVE with your bookshelf colour co-ordination!!!! It's so pretty!!

  3. OHHH that is amazing (bookshelf) I recentl organised my book in alphabetical order and I stuffed it up within a week...

  4. There is an Australian artist, David Sequeira who has created art installations where he colour books on a shelf.


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