Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dress Sketch

This is the sketch I did today at work of the dress that I am making for my Japan trip as I kinda want to have something original to wear and I have had this idea for years and years since some costumes I designed for a play I worked on back in 2004. Anyway here it is.

To explain the black is black vinyl and the colourful areas are where I will have cut shapes into the vinyl so there are bursts of colour coming through from the dress underneath. My idea is that the dress is very colourful and light weight and it will have a hood at the back and draw strings for that hanging down the front. A very street look but with an edge I guess. I could really wear any dress underneath but I really like a fabric I bought a while ago and wanted to incorporate it into the dress.

These are my fabrics. I bought 2 metres of black vinyl (ouch it cost me $30!) I probably only needed about 1.5 anyway but I got the extra bit just in case something goes wrong. The other fabric is one I have had for a very long time that Henry's mum bought me. It's actually brighter in person. I really like that it looks almost like an aboriginal dot painting because as some of you know I am really into Australiana at the moment and kinda think it could take off in Japan.

I'll post updates with how it is going soon. I doubt I'll have time to start sewing until next weekend but I can't wait.

BTW Vinyl is a lot heavier then I thought though. This dress may end up being unwearable but I think it will be fine. Who knows, you may see me in Fruits magazine wearing this while I'm there (yeah I still dream of that, Fruits is my number one love over any other street blog/magazine etc They just pale in comparison, yes even my own work or even that of Yvan the Facehunters! Fruits is what made me go out as a 16 year old and start taking photos of the people I saw in Melbourne, back when 99% of the people thought I was crazy and would say no and back then I had to actually process my photos at the local Kodak centre. Boy how times have changed, now 99% say yes. Soooo much easier!)


  1. I love that design, there's so much Australiana stuff around at the moment (obviously because of the Australia movie!).
    I can't imagine why people would say no to being in a street fashion website or magazine, I would think it would be a giant compliment!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    I always wondered how many people would decline the offer of you photographing them. x

  3. You probably should have got PVC, rather than vinyl.
    It's a lot lighter, and shinier, but it rips easier, so you would have had to reinforce the holes in some way..
    I'm a sewing/fabric nerd. it's just what i do.
    Sounds cool though.

  4. Oh! the dress sounds interesting!
    BTW DONT EVER put vinyl through a sewing machine unless you have thick, industrial needles.


  5. Are you cutting with a stencil, or just random shapes? I can't wait to see the end product Hayley. I'm back so hopefully I will bump into you around town one of these days!


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